Nintendo Has Not Considered the Super Mario Maker Spin-Off

One of the more out-there releases in 2015 was Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo Wii U. While that particular game’s success was capped by the limited audience of the platform it arrived on, Nintendo was quick to share the title with 3DS owners a year later, and some early reports from industry insiders even pointed to a version of Mario Maker being ported to the Switch. Speculation has since run wild amongst the Nintendo community pertaining to what beloved franchise may be hit with the “Maker” subtitle next, but it sounds as if The Legend of Zelda won’t be the series in question – or at least it won’t be for some time still.

An interview between Eiji Aonuma (The Legend of Zelda series producer) and GameReactor has recently surfaced, and in it the topic of a Zelda Maker was brought up. Aonuma appeared more curious about the interviewer’s reaction to such a title initially, asking if the individual would “like it.” After confirming that such a game would ensure that the gamer rarely left their house, Aonuma responded by saying “Well, I’ll keep it in mind that there are people who could appreciate that then! But this is not something we considered.


This news may strike some as odd given how well the top-down, classic Zelda formula could shift to a “do it yourself” mantra. With the Switch officially becoming the fastest-selling Nintendo console of all time, that platform would appear to be an ideal location for a Zelda Maker, although the currently packed first-party software lineup for the console would ensure that the house of Mario could take its time on such a project. This is assuming that the company decides to pursue such an endeavor in the first place.

Those still doubting whether or not a D.I.Y. adventure title would be feasible need look no further than the fan-made The Legend of Zelda Maker. This title has since been struck with a legal notice from Nintendo, forcing the solo developer to implement creatures and textures of his own design – all while rebranding the game Runiya.

Still, that story sounds an awful lot like what happened to a Metroid II fan project in the build up to the unexpected reveal of Metroid: Samus Returns. Just some food for thought.

Source: GameReactor

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