Nintendo Hints About Nintendo Switch VR Headset



The Nintendo Switch has been the talk of the town ever since the first promo trailer dropped. The console has a huge amount of hype surrounding it and drips of news about aspects of the console are leaking out every day.

We have a HUGE mega thread all about the Nintendo Switch that details everything from pricing to specs and launch-day titles.

The Nintendo Switch will be priced aggressively in order to better compete with Microsoft and Sony’s now-dominant consoles – expect to pay around £200 for the base model once it drops in March.

We know how the Nintendo Switch works; the concept is a marriage of all of Nintendo’s most recent consoles combined inside one, new ecosystem.

Everything will be powered by an NVIDIA chipset and there is now evidence – in the form of a patent filling – that suggests Nintendo will also release a VR headset for the Switch.

“The patent,” notes The Verge, “describes a head-mounted display that would hold the Nintendo Switch tablet, reminiscent of Google’s Daydream headset or the Samsung Gear VR.”

The actual patent was filled in June, before the Switch was announced.

According to the listing, the VR headset will have a variety of possible configurations: “The headset, Nintendo writes, could “enhance the sense of immersion” and could either include its own tracking sensors or use ones on the tablet itself.”

The Switch’s removable controllers will presumably act as Wii-like motion sensors, allowing for a fully immersive experience once inside the VR environment.

This doesn’t mean Nintendo WILL launch a VR headset, however – patents are filed all the time by tech companies. Having said that, Nintendo execs have confirmed there will be a variety of peripherals for the Switch coming to market after its release date in March.

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