Nintendo Trademarks ‘Check-In’ Service in Japan

Nintendo has been one incredibly busy company as of late, juggling the Nintendo Switch, the 3DS and the Wii U. But the company could be set to add yet another thing to its plate, as trademark sleuths have uncovered something called Nintendo Check-In.

The trademark for Nintendo Check-In was filed in Japan on June 20, according to the trademark_bot Twitter account which automatically tweets public Japanese trademark applications. Check-In is listed under category 41, which means that it could be used for a variety of projects, including the screening, production or distribution of movies, toy rental, providing entertainment facilities, musical and stage play performances, providing games online, and planning and managing game tournaments.

There’s a lot of room for where Nintendo can take this, if that listing is accurate. Nintendo has recently gotten into esports in a big way, most recently hosting a Splatoon 2 tournament at E3 2017. The company will also be providing games online via its Nintendo Switch Online service and it’s also possible that Check-In will be some kind of reward system for that.

The most likely theory, though, is that this is connected to the Super Nintendo World theme park. Many theme parks already make use of connected features, such as Disney World, which uses an app and a wearable device to get players onto rides quicker and for paying for things around the park with ease as well. It would make sense for Nintendo to offer some sort of similar ‘Check-In’ service that gets people into live events at the park or even purchasing merchandise and online games.

As construction has just began, information has been steadily trickling out bout the theme park, including confirmation that Super Nintendo World will feature a Mario Kart ride. However, fans could still be a long way off from seeing everything in action, including the Nintendo Check-In service and how it may actually be used.

While many of the actual features of the park and Nintendo Check-In are up in the air right now, the trademark application is at least further evidence that Nintendo has some seriously big plans up its sleeves. The company recently confirmed that it is hoarding billions of dollars for technical innovations, hardware and game projects and even with all of the announcements Nintendo has made over the past few weeks in interviews and at E3 2017, it’s clear that fans have seen nothing yet.

Source: trademark_bot

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