OnePlus 5 "Mint Gold" Colour Coming This Autumn?


OnePlus 5 teased in Mint Gold

OnePlus has issued a teaser for the coming Autumn on Chinese social network Weibo; we’re not sure if it’s a deliberate Game of Thrones riff or purely accidental, but the tagline reads “Autumn is coming”.

It shows a standard OnePlus 5 handset but it has a little yellowy-green leaf hanging off the top corner. Some digging into Chinese certification authority TENAA’s web content for the phone mentions a “Mint Gold” colour option, and it’s possible that the leaf shown in the image is a mint leaf.

Quite what actual colour mint gold is supposed to look like remains to be seen. Rose Gold is typically a reddish gold colour keeping a metallic tint, but that is already established in the jewellery industry. Mint gold, as far as we can tell, has no existing equivalent; will it be gold with a greenish tint? We’re quite used to phone manufacturers getting a bit carried away with their flowery descriptions of colours, but this does seem very pointed and specific.

Of course, considering the source material being entirely Chinese, it is possible this will be a China-only exclusive – it’s fairly common for that part of the world to get unique colour variants that don’t show up anywhere else, so we’re not holding our breath for Mint Gold surfacing in non-Asian markets, nice as that might be if it does turn out to be the case.

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