OnePlus 5 Will Be ALL ABOUT The Camera


OnePlus 5 Camera, OnePlus 5 Review – The OnePlus 5 is coming and you can expect some pretty hefty updates to its camera

The OnePlus 5, next to the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, is easily one of the most anticipated handsets on the horizon.

The OnePlus 3 – and OnePlus 3T – were brilliant handsets that made the company a lot of friends in 2017.

In order to continue this forward momentum, OnePlus HAS to return with an equally compelling phone for 2017/18.

And that phone is the OnePlus 5… and it will be all about the camera, apparently.

“We’re happy to announce that we have teamed up with DxO to enhance your photography experience with our upcoming flagship, the OnePlus 5,” OnePlus said.

“DxO is perhaps most well-known for creating the defining photography benchmark, the DxOMark. They’ve got years of imaging experience and expertise, both for professional cameras and for smartphones.”

“Working alongside DxO, we’re confident the OnePlus 5 will be capable of capturing some of the clearest photos around,” OnePlus also said.

The handset is expected to keep its $400/£400 RRP, which will make it a very attractive proposition next to the ultra-expensive Samsung Galaxy S8 and incoming iPhone 8, which will apparently retail for over $1000.

The HTC U11 recently knocked Google’s Pixel phone off the top spot in DXOMark’s overall camera rankings. It scored an impressive mark of 90.

“With an overall DxOMark Mobile score of 90,” said DXOMARK, “the HTC U11 is the highest-rated smartphone camera we have ever tested. As you’d expect from a top performer, its scores are impressive across the board. In particular, its very low noise and fast autofocus helped edge it ahead of our previous highest-scoring phone, the Google Pixel.

“The HTC U11 features remarkably consistent performance in a wide variety of shooting conditions, making it a great camera for most situations. In addition to excellent technical scores, its images tend to have a pleasing look, with good color rendering. Outdoor scenes are vibrant, with good detail and very low noise.

“Its image stabilization is also very effective, although sometimes it leaves some residual evidence of motion. Flash exposures are very even across the frame and feature good detail preservation and color rendering. The 12 Megapixel 1/2.55 inch sensor is coupled with an f/1.75 lens to achieve these results.”

Looks like OnePlus has its work cut out for it.

The OnePlus 5 could get official any day now, so keep your eyes peeled for updates from here on out!

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