REACHit for Cortana now available for all Windows 10 Devices



REACHit for Cortana now available for download from Windows Store

How much time do you waste looking for that one file, email or attachment? Maybe you remember when you last opened it, who you were with or where you worked on it, but not much else? With REACHit for Cortana, that’s all you’ll need. Connect your cloud accounts, Windows 10 devices, email accounts and calendars. Ask for what you want – by typing or speaking out loud – using natural language. REACHit for Cortana will find your photos, documents, and emails faster than you can, and with a lot less stress.

REACHit for Cortana, from Lenovo and Microsoft. We’d like to thank our Beta testers for helping make our app great!

  • Use natural language to find your content – wherever it is
  • Contextual search lets you find content based on what it’s about, where you were, or who you were with
  • Find files on different Windows 10 PCs and Tablets
  • Find email and attachments in Exchange and Gmail accounts
  • Find files in OneDrive, GoogleDrive, and Dropbox accounts

Download REACHit for Cortana from Store below :

REACHit for Cortana


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