Ringo XAP for Windows Phone


Screenshot_123Ringo lets you make low cost international calls without using the Internet (WiFi or 3G). You can call any mobile or landline phone number anywhere in the world. Now talk to your heart’s content without worrying about phone bills or internet connectivity. Get the lowest international calling rates with Ringo. Our prices are 25% lower than most international calling apps. Calling rates for customers in the US ————

* Call Canada for 0.7 cents/min * Call Mexico for 2.3 cents/min

* Call UK for 3.0 cents/min Calling rates for customers in the UK ———— * Call US for FREE – 0.00 pence/min

* Call India for 0.4 pence/min * Call Germany for 1.7 pence/min Calling rates for customers in INDIA ————

* Call US for ₹0.94/min * Call UK for ₹1.89/min * Call Australia for ₹3.03/min * Call China for ₹1.14/min

* For calling rates from your country, please visit the Ringo website. Why Ringo? ————

* Lowest Pricing – 25% cheaper than other apps. * You don’t need the internet to make phone calls.

* Make good old high quality calls. No call drops or choppy voice.

* Friends don’t need to download the app for you to call them.

* No monthly commitment – you pay-as-you-go.

Your first call is free! ———— Download Ringo now and make your first call for free. No credit card required for free call. Questions or Feedback? ————

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