Samsung DeX: A docking station for your S8, here’s the lowdown on the price and more on the Galaxy dock


The Samsung DeX is a new venture by the South Korean tech giant into the currently rather small mobile-hybrid desktop game. The Samsung DeX has been launched alongside this year’s flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Yet with so much hype around the latest Samsung mobile it would be understandable if you may not know exactly what the DeX is. Well, the Samsung DeX can turn any Galaxy S8 (and S8 Plus) smartphone into a desktop PC, it acting as a dock with which a user can slot their mobile into. Provided it is connected to a monitor, the smartphone will then run as a home PC, albeit with an Android operating system.

Samsung haven’t conjured this up out of thin air, the DeX may instil a sense of deja vu for some – Motorola produced a hybrid device back in 2011, though don’t fret if you haven’t heard of the Atrix, it was hardly record-breaking product. However, just because Motorola failed before, doesn’t mean Samsung will fail this time around. Remember that tablets were a thing before the iPad, but Apple were the ones that took the concept mainstream.

Samsung DeX: Is it worth buying?

The main selling point of the DeX is to improve general productivity by allowing S8 users to work anywhere, partly on their mobile device and partly on a monitor, keyboard and mouse. For example DeX can come in handy when you need to complete tasks that are easier with the precision of a full desktop, such as formatting long work emails. It can be difficult to get a document looking the way you want it on a mobile, so being able to quickly move onto a home or office workspace can certainly speed up the process. It is also much easier to use apps like Office on a larger screen if you can. Even the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or similar sized phones don’t always feel optimized for office work but whether tyhe DeX is right for you depends on what kind of work you do. Essays, Google docs and Slack should be fine but Photoshop-type apps tend to push it a little too far.

How much is Samsung DeX and where can I buy one?

The Samsung DeX was released in tandem with Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8, though to some disappointment, it isn’t bundled with the device (unless you live in Asia and can nab a 128GB version with 6GB of RAM). Prior to launch, Samsung were the main retailer to secure a DeX but they are now available from Amazon UK for £110 (and from Amazon US for $150). Not that expensive in comparison to a desktop PC, but bear in mind the DeX does struggle with running many applications at the same time so the performance isn’t quite at the level of a low-end Chromebook. Overall, for those already spending £770 on a Samsung Galaxy S8 it isn’t a huge step up.

Samsung DeX: What are the specs?

The DeX in design is very simplistic, Samsung have also gone for quite a straightforward set of functions to manage it. DeX has an Ethernet port, USB Type-C and USB 2.0 ports. There is an option to charge through the HDMI port but that requires an extra cable, this is a little steep given you’ll have already forked out quite a bit of cash on the DeX and a Samsung Galaxy S8 for this setup, but the option is there nonetheless.

Besides access ports, the Samsung DeX is pretty minimal. It has a cooling fan to prevent the mobile from overheating during operation. As you would expect the Samsung DeX charges your phone when the S8 is docked, meaning power usage won’t be an issue. You might wonder how portable the DeX is, it weighs 230g. So if you’ve got an S8 on you at the same time it’ll be less than half a kilo in total to carry round with you. Not that much considering you’ll essentially be have a desktop PC with you at all times. Though given its shape you’ll want to be careful to keep it protected, so to avoid damaging the DeX on-the-go.

How much is Samsung DeX and where can I buy one?

The Samsung DeX is being marketed in tandem with the Samsung Galaxy S8, but it is not bundled with Samsung’s latest smartphone (unless you can grab the 128GB S8 Plus in Asia). So you’re going to need to fork out extra cash if you want to take advantage of the DeX dock with that new S8. Ahead of launch, Samsung is one of just two retailers offering the product in the UK, currently priced at £129. It’s not the most expensive gadget in the world, but for those who decide to spend £770 on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and then splash out on a Dex, that’s almost £900 gone in a heartbeat. Given that there are plenty of laptops on the market with good specs for around £500, it is quite a lot to ask of customers.

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