Samsung Exynos 8995 Next-Gen Processor Leaks: The Heart Of The Galaxy S8 & Galaxy X



Samsung's next-gen Exynos 8995 packs quite a punch, according to tipster

Paul Briden

15:26, 9 Aug 2016

According to sources posting on Chinese social network Weibo, Samsung is allegedly testing its next-gen processor chip which may appear inside the firm’s flagship models released in 2017. It’s not known precisely what the processor will be called, but it is assumed it will be an Exynos 8995 following on from the Exynos 8990.

This next-gen chip promises to be quite a jump ahead of the current 8990 setup which is manufactured on 14nm FinFET semiconductors, while the 8995 will apparently use a 10nm fabrication instead.

As usual for improved nanometre construction methods, it’s thought this will lead to faster performance but better power efficiency, and just to give some context of how much more powerful the tipster says a 30% increase for the current test speeds for the new silicon, which are going as high as 4GHz for the main custom core cluster, with 2.7GHz for the ARM Cortex-A53 cluster paired as part of the big.Little architecture.

That is the maximum speed, however, and it’s likely that for any production models there will be a cap lower than this.

As the tipster notes, the specs we’re looking at right now put the Exynos 8995 at similar power consumption levels to Qualcomm;s Snapdragon 830 clocked at 3.6GHz. What isn’t clear is whether this chip will make it into the Galaxy S8, if it is still in the testing phase, we would expect the Galaxy S8 to be too far along in development to be fitted with an incomplete chip, as the new handset would be expected for a launch in February or March at MWC 2017.

Although the alleged Galaxy X folding and flexible OLED smartphone is also coming next year, and it may emerge a little later than MWC, perhaps giving it time to utilise next-gen chip tech.

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