Samsung Galaxy Note 7 UK Exchange Program Is Active



Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 exchange program has now landed in the UK

Paul Briden

13:04, 20 Sep 2016

Samsung has now launched its Galaxy Note 7 exchange program in the UK, following similar programs in the USA and Canada. In the wake of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 exploding battery fiasco and the subsequent recall, the program allows those who’ve purchased potentially faulty units covered by the recall to acquire a replacement unit that is certain to be safe.

In the UK, replacement units will feature a green battery icon – faulty units have a white battery icon.

Samsung UK Mobile Vice President Conor Pierce, said, “Our absolute priority is the safety of our customers – that’s why we are asking all Galaxy Note 7 customers to act now and exchange today. We would like to apologize to our Note 7 customers for not meeting the standard of product excellence that they have come to expect from Samsung and we sincerely thank them for their understanding and patience.”

“We are confident that by exchanging their existing device for a new Note 7, customers can expect to enjoy a smartphone experience of the very highest quality.”

If you’re a UK resident who has already bought a Galaxy Note 7 and suspect it may be a faulty unit, you can check online with the phone’s IMEI number (the number for your phone is found on the packaging, on the phone’s back, and under Settings>About Phone>IMEI Status in the phone’s menu screens). If you do have a faulty unit, you can take part in the exchange program by taking your handset to the retailer or network store you bought it from, or you can contact Samsung’s dedicated support team on 0330 7261000.

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