Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Design LEAKS With Massive Display


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Design – Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 has leaked with a huge display panel

Leaked video footage and still images have leaked online showing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design. The most immediate thing to draw from the leak is that the rumours of a much larger Galaxy Note appear to be true!

The leak comes via reputable source SamMobile, which has provided a lot of accurate information, details, and images in the past. The video and images appear to show the rumoured 6.3in display panel; 0.6in bigger than the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. This means the Galaxy Note 8 will be one of the biggest smartphones Samsung has ever produced, and the biggest in the Galaxy Note series too.

But with that said, the increase in size of the display will not hugely impact the overall size of the phone relative to what’s come before. This is because, as per the earlier rumours, the leak indicates Samsung will use the same Infinity Display design it used in the Galaxy S8 series to cram a much larger curved OLED display with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio into a svelte (but tall) bodyshell with a very narrow bezel around the edge. Case in point, the Galaxy S8+ has a 6.2in display and it is by no means an oversized phone.

Another key feature seems to be one that has long been rumoured elsewhere – we’ve heard numerous reports about the iPhone 8 and prior to that the Galaxy S8 series initially being planned with a fingerprint scanner under the display glass, but in both cases this allegedly proved too difficult to implement. Samsung ended up putting the Galaxy S8 scanner on the rear panel next  to the camera sensor, but for the Galaxy Note 8 it isn’t visible anywhere, leading us to suspect that either the fingerprint scanner is under the display glass or alternatively Samsung may have opted for retina and/or face scanning technology.

SamMobile and Forbes also reiterate a dual-sensor camera setup, something which was rumoured and even prototyped for the Galaxy S8 series but did not make it to the final product.

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