Samsung Galaxy S7: the FIVE things you NEED to know

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True to form, Samsung has launched its new flagship smartphone at MWC in Barcelona. In truth, it’s a relatively “mild update” from the S7. If you have the time, I strongly suggest reading Jon Bray’s hands-on review of the Galaxy S7. However, if want a very quick snapshot of what the phone’s all about, fear not.

Here are five things that are new and noteworthy in the Galaxy S7.

1. It’s water cooled

Yep. We’re watercooling mobile phones now. Samsung has installed a sealed “thermal spreader” inside the new handset. This was using water evaporation and condensation to cool the phone more effectively. What this actually means is the S7 shouldn’t overheat as much and performance should improve.

2. Expandable storage is back

What a palaver this has been. Samsung has long been an advocate of using SD cards in smartphones. That was until they dropped them in the S7. Well, they’re back. Whether this was an evil marketing ploy, or whether they’ve simply listened to disgruntled Android fanboys, we’ll never know. Alas, it’s back and now boasts up to 200GB. Woof!

3. IP68 dust- and water-resistant

It was IP67, now it’s IP68.

4. Fewer megapixels; bigger image sensor

For anyone who’s not au fait with camera technology, this may sound like a downgrade. It’s not. Reducing the megapixel count from 16 to 12 isn’t an issue, so long as the sensor is big and bad (good) enough. Alphr’s reviews editor, Jon Bray, says it is and that’s good enough for me.

In short, the camera will probably be better.

5. 15% bigger battery

…equating to 450mAh more than the Galaxy S6.

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