Samsung Galaxy Wing – NOT "Galaxy X" – May Be Name For Folding OLED Range



Samsung's first-gen of flexible and folding AMOLED devices may be dubbed the Galaxy Wing range

We already know that Samsung is preparing flexible and folding OLED (FFOLED) handsets for 2017 as there have been plenty of leaks on the subject; the main device is thought to be the Samsung Galaxy X, known internally as Project Valley, however, going forward it’s possible the firm will set up a new FFOLED brand as the Samsung Galaxy Wing series, if new information is correct.

A collection of Samsung patents has appeared which show a variety of bendy and flexible OLED devices all under the umbrella name of Galaxy Wing. So far a roll-up bracelet design has been spotted which appears to be able to stand freely on a surface and may unfold into a smartphone form factor, along with a phone or phablet like device which unfolds two additional side displays for a virtual keyboard.

The presence of Samsung’s “Galaxy” branding suggests this may not simply be an in-development name; as with Project Valley, the in-development names from Samsung usually don’t implement existing brand titles at all and are simply “Project” followed by some peculiar name – the Galaxy S6, for example, was Project Zero. However, with that said, this stuff all appears to be in very early-stage development and, as with many patents from major OEMs including Samsung, plenty of designs never actually make it to commercial launch as a finished product – a lot of them simply represent the firm’s research and development departments spitballing ideas and then quickly calling dibs incase anyone else comes up with something similar!

Things could certainly change for this selection of devices if they do make it to a release, including the Galaxy Wing branding. One thing is certain though, expect tons of new bendy devices from Samsung from 2017 onwards!

16:56, 2 Sep 2016

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