Koniec aplikacji BZWBK24 dla telefonów z systemem Windows

Sklep Microsoft opuszczają kolejni deweloperzy i producenci aplikacji. Do tego grona już wkrótce dołączy bank BZ WBK. Bank podjął decyzję o wycofaniu swoich aplikacji ze sklepu Microsoft Store. Aplikacje BZWBK24 oraz BZWBK24 mobile zostaną wyłączone w maju. BZ WBK poinformował w krótkim wpisie, że 18 maja obie aplikacje do obsługi bankowości internetowej zostaną wyłączone a […]

Huawei P20 Pro vs Pixel 2 XL: clash of cameras

Different styles for different tastes Jessica Looking at the Huawei P20 Pro, two aspects jump out immediately: it’s an attractive smartphone, but it looks too similar to the iPhone X. Yes, Huawei’s flagship is not original, but rather reflects Apple’s style, from which it tries to differentiate itself with the Twilight version, which creates beautiful lighting […]

Facebook demands ID verification for big Pages, ‘issue’ ad buyers – TechCrunch

Facebook is looking to self-police by implementing parts of the proposed Honest Ads Act before the government tries to regulate it. To fight fake news and election interference, Facebook will require the admins of popular Facebook Pages and advertisers buying political or “issue” ads on “debated topics of national legislative importance” like education or abortion […]

2018 is the year to love and hate the notch

Love it or hate it, but maybe that’s not quite the case. Two events in the past days have shown that enthusiasts have made up their minds: the notch’s takeover of smartphone displays is evil! There have rarely been discussions about the matter, some arguments have been exchanged. But now things are getting uncomfortable for manufacturers. […]