Three tips for better portraits with your smartphone’s bokeh mode

We have already written in detail about what bokeh actually is and how bokeh effects on smartphones work. Here’s just a brief recap: Digital bokeh effects are always based on your smartphone’s foreground and background being distinguishable from each other. This makes it possible to blur the background, while the subject in the foreground remains sharp. Voila, the photo looks […]

By ditching usernames, OKCupid is removing a crucial protective barrier

Days after deleting an OKCupid profile that included personal information, Reddit user Drinkscocoaandreads logged onto Facebook to find an unpleasant surprise. “I had like three guys find me on Facebook within two days, screaming at me for leaving mid-conversation/not ever acknowledging their initial message,” the Redditor wrote in a thread about OKCupid. “One of them […]

How to buy the right headphones

Headphones are kind of like relationships: we all have them, we can scarcely imagine our lives without them, and yet no one ever bothers to train us how to select them. It’s that last bit that often leads us to suboptimal outcomes, and it’s the problem I’m here to help you solve. Welcome to The […]