Which apps make the most money – and why?

Last year we saw many apps struggle to fund their applications and sustain a loyal user base. Not all apps experience these issues and some still managed to be very successful. Which apps are currently the most popular and, most importantly, why is this the case? Funding apps Creating and maintaining an app is no easy task and can end up costing a […]

How to make money on social media

Nearly everyone and their dog has at least one social media account these days. But did you know that social media is actually a viable platform for earning additional income? Only a select few wind up millionaires, like PewDiePie, The Fine Bros. and Ryan Higa, but just below the top tier, many can still earn a handsome side income, leaving […]

Here’s everything you need to know about Sun Nxt App – Is It worth for the money?

Sun Next App, sun nxt app, SunNext Com, Sunnextapp, Sunnxtapp, Sun Next App Download, Sun NXT App Download – The Sun TV Network has finally ventured into crowded video streaming service in India by launching its own OTT app enabling users to catch the entertainment on the go. The streaming space is already competitive and occupied by […]