Overwatch Adding in Subtitle Support

The voice lines and endearing character interactions are one of Overwatch‘s biggest draws, and hearing-impaired Overwatch fans will soon be able to experience the joy of Torbjorn throwing quips at Tracer, or Hanzo and Genji having a brotherly quarrel, thanks to an upcoming subtitle support feature. In response a new thread about subtitles for hearing-impaired players over at […]

Overwatch Releases New Bastion Comic ‘Binary’

Following the promise that new Overwatch story content is “just around the corner”, Blizzard has released the latest installment in the popular series of Overwatch digital comic shorts, titled “Binary”. Set after the fall of Overwatch but prior to the events of the game, the new 12-page “Binary” comic short tells the story of how the friendly robot Bastion first […]