Persona 5 Guide: How To Negotiate

Gamers working through Persona 5 have over 100 different personas to collect during the campaign and building up that arsenal of power takes some careful consideration and skill. Convincing a shadow to join your roster requires a successful negotiation and these can be a bit tricky. To make sure Persona 5 players are able to […]

Snap joins rivals Facebook and YouTube to fight terrorism

Snap Inc has joined the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, which sees consumer internet companies cooperating to stop the spread of terrorism and extremism online. Facebook, Google and YouTube, Microsoft and Twitter formed the GIFCT last month, and tomorrow it will host its first workshop with fellow tech companies plus government and non-governmental organizations. The […]

E3 2017: The Biggest Surprise Games

E3 2017 may have been lighter on big surprises than most years, but that doesn’t mean the show was completely devoid of shocking announcements. In fact, there were a number of standout moments from the various press conferences at E3 2017 that are sure to be remembered in the annals of gaming history. From the […]

Glovo delivers anything you want – TechCrunch

When you’re far from Silicon Valley a lot of weird and cool stuff happens. Take Glovo, for example. This super-lean, surprisingly popular delivery app expanded out of Spain into Italy and South America and filled the niche that Seamless and Postmates fills in bigger US cities. This startup, run by Sacha Michaud and Bartek Kunowski, […]