Is it safe for kids to use VR? Yes, but …

There are few adults out there who climb inside of a VR headset and aren’t smiling the whole time. Fully immersing yourself in a virtual environment is an incredible experience. Everyone should have the opportunity to explore VR, especially right now when developers are trying so hard to encourage new experiences at every turn. What […]

Korzystaj z aplikacji Dell Mobile Connect na każdym komputerze

Kilka dni temu opisywałem aplikację Dell Mobile Connect, dzięki której możemy połączyć nasz telefon z systemem Android lub iOS z komputerem Windows 10. Użytkownik może między innymi za pomocą komputera pisać wiadomości SMS, dzwonić oraz dublować ekran. Dzięki kilku prostym krokom aplikację można zainstalować na każdym komputerze z Windows 10. Zainstaluj aplikację Dell Mobile Connect […]

CAT S41 review: Truly a niche device

As our mobile devices move towards thinner and more elegant form factors, we lose track of a lot of the aspects the really matter in a phone. Battery life. Durability. These have been falling by the wayside since the days of the flip phone. When was the last time you didn’t worry about your phone’s […]

HTC U11 Plus review: A thing of rare beauty

There were rumours bouncing around last at the back end of last year that the HTC U11 Plus was the phone originally intended to be the Google Pixel 2 XL. Code-named ‘muskie’ it was, according to some reports, eventually replaced in Google’s plans by an LG-manufactured phone in the summer of 2017. The result… well, […]