Google needs to name and shame

Android Nougat is right around the corner now, but many of us aren’t even running Marshmallow yet (myself included). It’s difficult to feel connected to the advances Android is making when you seem to be caught in an alternate timeline, where the latest version is still two versions away. Of greater concern is that lackluster […]

Microsoft to discontinue EMET in July 2018

Microsoft announced yesterday that it has extended the support end data of the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit from January 2017 to July 2018. Microsoft introduced EMET in 2009 as a standalone security program for Windows designed to block certain exploits from being executed successfully. EMET was designed as a last line of defense against attacks […]

Twitter for iOS gets ‘night mode’ support

Twitter is rolling out night mode to users of its official iOS app, the company announced today. Night mode turns Twitter’s dark-text-on-light-background interface upside down, giving a darker look that should be easier to read at night or in dimmer indoor environments. The night mode feature first came to Twitter’s official Android app starting in […]