What’s inside? – czyli coś dla fanów łamigłówek + kody dla czytelników

Doskonale wiadomo, że sklep Windows cierpi na niedobór aplikacji. Dlatego należy wspominać o produkcjach, zwłaszcza polskich twórców. Jedną z nich jest najnowsza gra „What’s inside?”. Produkcja należy do gatunku gier logicznych. Nie jest ona długa, zawiera 50 poziomów, za co jednak nie należy jej przekreślać. Każdy poziom to innego rodzaju zadanie. Nie do końca zawsze […]

The Two Sides of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR for those in the know) is likely one of the most captivating technological advances of our day. According to the IFA, this topic has already become one of interest for many professionals, and the future of this technology has been considered from a number of different angles. The famous high-tech company AMD […]

Microsoft’s AI will describe images in Word and PowerPoint for blind users

Artificial intelligence may be making small and steady advances in general-purpose situations like digital assistants. But it’s the more subtle AI accessibility features that have a more substantial impact today, especially for users with disabilities. For instance, an upcoming feature for Office apps like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint will automatically suggest image and slide deck […]

LG V30 2018 Coming To MWC!

Paul Briden 13/02/2018 – 12:48pm A new LG V30 is coming to MWC 2018 in a matter of weeks LG’s flagship from last year, the LG G6, was a bit of a flop, in part owing to the fact it ran a processor from 2016 because in the first half of 2017 (when the LG […]