Facebook Messenger launches its public group chat feature “Rooms” in select markets

Facebook’s experiment with semi-anonymous social networking centered around interests, via a standalone app called Rooms, failed. But the learnings from that earlier experiment have now popped up in Facebook’s Messenger application as a new feature called Rooms, which is rolling out now in select markets. The limited launch is meant to serve as a test […]

Honor 5C vs iPhone 5C specs comparison

IT’S THE BATTLE of the 5Cs. Now, we might be called out for comparing two phones that are obviously unfairly matched, but ultimately we thought it worthwhile. After all, they are called the same thing. The two handsets are twinned in their respective sacrifices, whether in display technology, performance, storage or design, but both are […]

We Happy Few Movie in the Works

Even though the bulk of video game movies continue to underwhelm at the box office and with critics, Hollywood seems hellbent on adapting as many games to the big screen as possible. This effort has now extended to games that haven’t even launched yet, like the upcoming BioShock-inspired survival horror game We Happy Few, which now has […]