SEVEN Superbly Unusual iPhone Cases



Phone cases don’t have to be boring… just look at these superbly unusual phone cases for Apple’s iPhone

13:42, 17 Oct 2016

You have a phone and you want to look after it. You’ve looked around Amazon at some phone cases and you’re left feeling a little blue. None of them are very appealing; just rubber, slip-on cases which look and feel a little rubbish.

Then there’s the fact that a phone case often hides one of the best things about your phone – its design! For this reason, if you’re going to plop a case on your shiny, new phone it might as well be a unique and unusual one. A phone case that will stand apart from the crowd.

Fortunately, when it comes to weird and wonderful phone cases, you’re kind of spoilt for choice, providing you know where to look. It’s been a pretty slow news day today, so the team set about finding the weirdest and coolest phone cases possible online.

Below are the results.

Retro Volkswagen Classic Car Phone Case

Steampunk Phone Case

Vintage Camera Phone Case

Nokia 3310 Phone Case

Harry Potter Wooden Phone Case

Game Of Thrones Wooden Phone Cases

Old School Gameboy

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