Spin Bonus Rewards Are Having Problems

In comparison to the original launch of Pokemon GO, the major Gym and Battle Raid update has basically gone off without a hitch. There have been very few bugs or login issues this time around, despite the increased number of players and all of the major changes to mechanics. That said, the Pokemon GO community has still been able to pick out a few problems that slipped by the QA team.

Hardcore fans of the mobile AR game know the ins and outs of every part of the game at this point. After the big update had been out for a few days, those players (and the PoGO Reddit community) started noticing a troublesome absence from the usual seven day spin bonus rewards graphic.

For those unaware, players receive a special bonus if they spin at least one Pokestop for seven days in a row. With the new update, Gyms can now count towards that tally, as well. Players have noticed that the usual evolution item guaranteed from the seven day streak reward was missing from the items that appeared after spinning. Luckily, it seems to just be a problem with the graphics.


After spinning on the Gym on day seven, players can check their journals and find that the evolution item should still have been rewarded. For some reason, it just isn’t appearing in the visual representation of rewards. Now that the community has made Niantic aware of the problem, it will likely be corrected in an upcoming patch.

Considering how many major changes were rolled out with this update, this is really a very minor bug to slip through. All of the core mechanics work and players are able to log in, so that’s as much as any Pokemon GO player can really ask for.

We’ll keep an eye on the issue and post an update when the problem has been patched.

Have you reached the seven day spin bonus since the big update? Did you notice the problem? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon GO is currently available on Android and iOS devices in select regions.

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