Star Wars Battlefront 2 for Xbox One – Star Card guide

These are the changes coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2’s “Star Card” system, along with the cards announced so far.

Following the mixed reception of the series’ first entry under Electronic Arts, Star Wars Battlefront 2 delivers some significant changes upon its 2015 predecessor. Shifting towards a more balanced and competitive approach, attempts have been made to rework the core multiplayer mechanics, while introducing a slew of new content.

As part of the revamp, the Star Cards system, one of the main forms of progression in the first Star Wars Battlefront, has seen some drastic changes. We broke down all the Star Card improvements coming this fall, alongside a list of all cards currently available in the pre-Alpha build.

Everything we know so far about Star Wars Battlefront 2: Story, multiplayer, beta, release date, news and more

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What are ‘Star Cards?’

Star Cards determine both your abilities and equipment in multiplayer matches.

In short, Star Cards determine both your abilities and equipment in multiplayer matches. A limited range of cards is available between each of the four in-game classes and heroes, which can be equipped as a part of your loadout. Star Cards are also another aspect of progression in the Star Wars Battlefront series and act as abilities to upgrade throughout your multiplayer career.

Unlike the first game, they are also now a much more dynamic component of gameplay and quickly swappable during multiplayer matches. The choice of cards you make can hugely affect your strengths as a player and should be built up around your current play style.

How have Star Cards changed in Battlefront 2?

While Star Cards have made a return for Battlefront 2, they’re now a much more prominent component of the multiplayer sandbox. Following changes to multiplayer for a more competitive experience, this is also reflected in tweaks to the loadout system.

The introduction of a set four classes is one of the biggest changes to the flow of gameplay and now extends to the usage and balancing of abilities. How Star Cards are equipped is now dependent on both class and their predetermined loadout slot. While this imposes restrictions on player abilities, roles on the battlefield are now more clearly defined.

Stars Cards also come in four ranks of rarity, which impact their power on the field. As the rarity of a Star Card grows, a single attribute incrementally increases, making for a more effective ability or piece of equipment. This ultimately creates four variants of each Star Card – Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic. These cards will be obtained via unlockable randomized crates, as seen in popular shooters like Call of Duty and Overwatch.

Complete list of class Star Cards (so far)

After Star Wars Battlefront 2’s multiplayer unveiling at E3 2017, we managed to get hands-on with a pre-Alpha in-progress version of the game. Searching through footage of this build, we compiled a list of all Star Cards currently available in the game, along with their enhancements. Also shown below each description are the associated stats, and how these change between rarities.


Assault troopers are a traditional offensive class of Star Wars Battlefront 2, created with damage in mind. With their balanced agility and armor, these soldiers can quickly push into enemy fortifications, while still delivering heavy fire on frontline units. The class’s Star Cards build on these traits, with equipment and abilities to effectively hunt down and kill hostile forces.

  • Thermal Detonator – A basic grenade with a large blast radius and high damage, operating on a timed fuse.
Blast radius 6 meters 6.25 meters 6.50 meters 7 meters
  • Vanguard: Replenish – Mark enemies to make them easier to hunt down. Sprint faster. Draw a close-range weapon that builds no heat.
Recharge time 20 seconds 19 seconds 18 seconds 16 seconds
  • Assault Training – Gain a small amount of health for each defeated enemy.
Health on kill 20 health 22.50 health 25 health 30 health


Officers are a support-oriented class, with powers to heal and buff allies in the heat of battle. This class is best used when providing consistent support to the heavy-hitting “Assault” and “Heavy” troopers. While Officers have access to supporting equipment, their unique buffing abilities are an outstanding trait of the class.

  • Blaster Turret – A deployable turret that fires at enemy soldiers and vehicles. Can be picked up, repaired, and detonated.
Recharge time 18 seconds 16 seconds 14 seconds 10 seconds
  • Battle Command: Fortitude – Issue a Battle Command that inspires friendlies in a small vicinity to push themselves harder, effectively making them able to withstand more damage.
Radius 10 meters 11 meters 12 meters 14 meters
  • Officer’s Presence – Nearby allies recover sooner from taking damage.
Regeneration delay multiplier 80 percent 75 percent 70 percent 60 percent


Heavy troopers wield pure firepower and strength, holding the line against incoming enemy units. Although the heavy weapons at the class’s disposal are great for picking off aggressive soldiers, their high fire rates deliver unrivaled suppressive fire. With access to Star Cards created with brute power in mind, the Heavy trooper toolset can repel any incoming attacks.

  • Combat Shield – A small forward-facing shield that allows the user to fire the primary weapon while slowly advancing.
Shield health 150 points 175 points 200 points 250 points
  • Sentry – Enter a powerful mode by wielding a heavy repeating blaster with massive damage output, at the cost of severely limited movement.
Charge time 1.10 seconds 1 seconds 0.90 seconds 0.80 seconds
  • Defender – Gain a small amount of score each time damage is taken or a shield absorbs damage.
Score per hit 4 points 5 points 7 points 9 points


Specialists take an agile approach to combat, hiding within the shadows and supporting teammates from a distance. While their spotting capabilities exceed any other class, their long distance weapons can also pick off foes from afar. Specialists also have access to a range of traps to trick the opposition, as shown by their Star Card lineup.

  • Trip Mine – A basic trip mine with a laser tripwire. Detonates when an enemy soldier crosses the tripwire.
Recharge time 30 seconds 26 seconds 22 seconds 16 seconds
  • Infiltration: Replenish – Reveal all enemies on the scanner. Scramble enemy scanners in close proximity. Draw a medium-range weapon that builds no heat.
Scanner scrambling radius 10 meters 11 meters 12 meters 14 meters
  • Stealth – Hidden from enemy scanners when sprinting. Deal increased melee damage.
Melee damage 65 meters 75 meters 100 meters 150 meters


Outside of the class-specific Star Cards, a range of multi-class abilities and equipment is also available to equip. These sit in the third and four slots of your Star Card loadout and offer a mixed bag of abilities.

  • Scout pistol – A quick-firing sidearm weapon that can be drawn when a primary weapon is overheated or disrupted.
  • Barrage – In the Barrage configuration, this MPL (Multi-Purpose Launcher) functions as a launcher with multiple small grenades.
Recharge time 40 seconds 38 seconds 36 seconds 32 seconds
  • Detonite charge – A powerful explosive that is manually detonated.
Blast radius 5 meters 5.25 meters 5.50 meters 6 meters
  • Disruption – A handheld device that overheats enemy weapons, defuses explosives, and temporarily disables droids and turrets.
Range 16 meters 17 meters 18 meters 20 meters
  • Cooldown bonus – All of your abilities have shorter cooldown times.
Cooldown multiplier 90 percent 85 percent 80 percent 72 percent

Complete list of hero Star Cards (so far)

Star Wars Battlefront 2 also expands the Star Card system to “heroes” – iconic franchise characters resurrected in Electronic Arts’ multiplayer mode as powerups. Similarly to traditional classes, cards for heroes will be unlocked via randomized crates, with four tiers of rarity. However, only two cards can be used per hero character. These are the cards we’ve learned of, across three of the announced heroes.


Rey makes her debut in EA’s Star Wars games through Star Wars Battlefront 2, as a playable hero. Wielding a blue lightsaber and new abilities, her new Jedi capabilities are shown in full force through the multiplayer mode. Abilities such as “insight” and “mind trick” are also upgradable through Star Cards.

  • Far Sight – Insight has an increased area of effect.
Increased area of effect 50 percent 60 percent 70 percent 80 percent
  • Deep Mind – Mind trick has a longer duration on targets that are revealed by Insight.
Added duration 35 percent 40 percent 45 percent 50 percent
  • Scavenger – Blocking melee strikes will decrease less stamina.
Stamina drain reduction 20 percent 25 percent 30 percent 35 percent
  • Strong Mind – Mind trick has an increased area of effect.
Increased area of effect 40 percent 60 percent 80 percent 100 percent

Darth Maul

Darth Maul is also making his first appearance in the Battlefront series, as another playable hero showcased during the game’s multiplayer reveal. Darth Maul’s abilities are based heavily on his Force and lightsaber skills, with enhancements available through Star Cards.

  • Ranged throw – Darth Maul throws his lightsaber farther.
Increased distance 70 percent 80 percent 90 percent 100 percent
  • Strong arm – Choke hold will throw the enemy farther away.
Increased throwing strength 70 percent 80 percent 90 percent 100 percent
  • Accelerated throw – Darth Maul throws his lightsaber harder, making it travel faster.
Increased speed 70 percent 80 percent 90 percent 100 percent
  • Saber defense – While using the spin attack, Darth Maul receives less damage.
Damage received reduction 30 percent 40 percent 50 percent 60 percent

Boba Fett

Boba Fett is making a return in Star Wars Battlefront 2, exhibiting some new abilities not previously offered in the first game. The bounty hunter now sports his classic concussion rocket and rocket barrage duo, with the “For the Hunt” ability – revealing enemies across the map. His jet pack also adds an interesting new angle to gameplay, by opening oppurtunities to deliver rapid attacks from above.

  • Information sharing – For the Hunt reveals enemies for your allies for a part of its duration.
Added reveal duration 35 seconds 40 seconds 45 seconds 50 seconds
  • Fuel efficiency – Boba Fett’s jet pack fuel resource depletes slower when flying.
Fuel burn rate decrease 15 seconds 18 seconds 21 seconds 25 seconds
  • Extended exposure – For the Hunt reveals enemies for a longer duration.
    Added reveal duration 3 4 5 6 seconds
Part of duration reveal is shared 3 seconds 4 seconds 5 seconds 6 seconds
  • Airstrike barrage – Boba Fett receives less damage while using rocket barrage at the same time he is flying with his jet pack.
Damage received reduction 70 percent 80 percent 90 percent 100 percent


With a few months still to go until Star Wars Battlefront 2’s release, we still have a lot to learn about both the content offered and the gameplay changes. There’s a chance we’ll learn more about the new Star Cards available in the closed Beta later this year, which will provide a tease of the full game prior to launch. As always, let us know what you think of Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Star Cards in the comments section.

Everything we know so far about Star Wars Battlefront 2: Story, multiplayer, beta, release date, news and more

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is set to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 17, 2017.

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