Super Mario Odyssey Teases Underwater Level?

With Super Mario Odyssey less than three months out before its highly-anticipated October 2017 launch, fans are looking forward to every little piece of information related to the upcoming Nintendo Switch title. Thus far, the Big N has confirmed six game levels (known as Kingdoms) in the game so far, but it appears that a seventh, underwater level may have just been unveiled.

In a new tweet from the official Super Mario Odyssey Twitter account, new concept artwork depicting Mario swimming around underwater with some Cheep Cheeps was shared with fans in celebration of the beginning of August. Given how Nintendo previously stated that there are more worlds that have yet to be revealed, and taking into consideration that this artwork was shared via the official Odyssey Twitter account, there is speculation that the upcoming game may feature an underwater Kingdom.

Super Mario Odyssey already contains a variety of levels ranging from the realistic New Donk City to the dinosaur-filled world of the Cascade Kingdom, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for the game to feature an underwater or water-themed Kingdom of some sort. Nothing has been confirmed by the Big N at the time of writing, but with very little footage shown of underwater areas or water-based enemies like the aforementioned Cheep Cheeps, perhaps fans will be in for a watery confirmation in the following weeks.

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As for the confirmed number of Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo has so far pulled the curtain back on six worlds: the Metro Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom, and the Cap Kingdom. Given how Mario is given an airship this time around in order to explore various new Kingdoms in what is shaping up to be a sizable game universe, we can certainly expect more surprises to come from Nintendo, underwater level or otherwise.

It remains to be seen whether an underwater Kingdom will make its way to the upcoming game, but based on the very positive reception given to Super Mario Odyssey and the confirmed Kingdoms so far, there’s no doubt that a water and Cheep Cheep-filled level will be most welcome by fans come late-October.

Super Mario Odyssey releases on October 27, 2017 for Nintendo Switch.

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