Switch is Our Number One Priority

All things considered, the Nintendo Switch had a surprisingly strong showing at E3 2017, with Nintendo unveiling new footage of the system’s biggest upcoming games and making some surprise announcements. However, the 3DS and Nintendo’s mobile gaming venture were mostly forgotten at E3, apparently because the Nintendo Switch is the company’s number one priority.

This is according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, who spoke in a recent interview about the company’s E3 showing. In the interview, Reggie was asked why Nintendo didn’t discuss any of its new mobile games, like the upcoming Animal Crossing game, for instance, and why the 3DS was only really given love during the Treehouse presentation.

“When it comes to mobile, we are just not sure if E3 is the place for us to be talking about mobile. As we think about our priorities, we see Switch as number one priority, followed very closely by the Nintendo 3DS.”

Nintendo shares rise Switch success

Overall, Reggie’s explanation as to why the Nintendo Switch was favored so heavily at E3 when compared to the company’s other products makes sense. E3 is an event that is targeted at hardcore gamers, who are likely far more interested in what Nintendo has in the pipeline for its latest home console than what it’s developing for mobile phones.

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If Nintendo took the time to focus on its mobile gaming ventures instead of showcasing new footage of Super Mario Odyssey and announcing Metroid Prime 4, it’s probable that its E3 presentation wouldn’t have been as well received. As far as the 3DS goes, it seems as though Nintendo is slowly phasing it out, despite having a few big games still in development for the handheld.

The Nintendo Switch is the company’s way of righting the ship after the general sales failure that was the Wii U. So far, the Switch is off to a strong start, selling nearly 3 million units at last count. Perhaps by making the Switch its number one priority, Nintendo will continue to enjoy sales success with it for years to come.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

Source: Vice

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