The best icon packs for Android: 24 packs for ultimate customization

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Beware boring app icons, icon packs are here!  © ANDROIDPIT

What is an icon pack?

An icon pack is simply an application that replaces all your icons with customized once. You can find loads of them in the Google Play Store, and installation is really easy. You just need to select the icon pack in your launcher (laucher compatibility varies according to icon pack, so you’ll have to check out each one individually) and you’re done.

Sometimes there will be no simple APK to install. In these cases, you will need to download and apply the icons individually, which is a bit more complicated. This approach is therefore only recommended for the more advanced users who seriously love their icons. This list just includes the apps that are easy to apply. Want to know what an APK is and how to install one? Hit the link. 

Most icon packs require that you have a launcher running on your device. If you don’t have one yet, we recommend Nova, Apex, which can be installed from the Play Store.

Nova Launcher
Install on Google Play

Apex Launcher
Install on Google Play

1. Polycon

For a stock Android experience with some pizazz, Polycon comes in handy. Its icons are sleek, but have nice, noticeable touches that make them flourish in combination with pretty much any wallpaper. A major plus is that there are currently over 500 icons, so you’re unlikely to find yourself with unpalatable and incongrous missing icons, and there’s an icon request feature built in, for any that might not yet be covered.

It’s an icon pack that’s not afraid to stray from set shapes, so you get nice curves and corners to keep things visually stimulating without it all appearing messy. In fact, it all looks incredibly cohesive.

best icon packs polycon
Clean, interesting and plentiful: Polycon is a fantastic icon pack. / © ANDROIDPIT

Polycon – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

2. CandyCons

Bringing Mater Design icons with a little handcrafted flourish is CandyCon’s forte. The pack has close to 1,000 icons at the minute, including multiple color choices for some of the more popular ones.

Not only does it have icons, but wallpapers, too, intended to complement the design aesthetic. There’s also an icon request feature, meaning that if, on the rare occasion, you don’t see the icon you’re looking for, the app-maker will put in the effort to include it in the next update for you.

  • Compatible launchers: 24, so let’s just say all of them
  • Size: 14.3 MB
  • Price: Free
best icon packs candycons 1
Material Design icons with a personal touch, and wallpapers to suit. / © ANDROIDPIT

CandyCons – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

3. Glyphs by Tokems

This is one icon pack that is a tiny bit trickier to install. It’s an incomplete port of an iOS pack, and it hasn’t been updated in a while, but its minimalist beauty makes it too great to leave off the list. Each icon is made up of an extremely simple set of lines, which is great if you like things sparse and clean. To get it, you need to grab the APK file and move into onto your phone. Once it’s there, your launcher should detect it without any problems.

  • Compatible launchers: Apex, Nova Launcher
  • Size: 804 KB
  • Price: Free
glyphs icon pack screenshot
Stark minimalism brought to you by Glyphs. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. VIT

VIT Icon Pack is our current favorite icon pack for Android. With over 2,000 crystal white icons, VIT adds a touch of purity to your smartphone. The great app pictograms on the slightly elevated icon buttons add a bit of dramatic flair to your setup, no matter what color it is. With Summer knocking on the door it’s time to lighten up.

  • Compatible launchers: Nova, Apex, Action, Aviate, Themer, Smart, Atom, Inspire, KK, Solo, Holo, ADW, Nine, Unicon
  • Size: 20 MB
  • Price: Free
AndroidPIT VIT icon pack
Whether you’re Iron Man or not, VIT icon pack will add some class to your Android. / © ANDROIDPIT/onyxdev

VIT – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

5. Stamped Black Icons

Stamped Black Icons are exactly what they sound like: stamped black icons. Guess you saw that one coming. If you like a bit of dramatic silhouette action you can’t do better than this icon pack. There are over 1,000 free icons in this pack and they look great, created in Full HD resolution for high-def displays and they work great with minimal or moody wallpapers and themes.

  • Compatible launchers: Apex, Nova, Action Launcher Pro, ADW, GO (No masking support), Lightning Launcher
  • Size: 4.2 MB
  • Price: Free

Stamped Black Icons are seriously cool. /  © ANDROIDPIT

Stamped Black Icons
Install on Google Play

6. Moonshine

Moonshine Icon Pack is the Android Lollipop icon pack for those without Android Lollipop. Version 2.0 features around 1,000 Material Design-themed app icons, created using Google’s design guidelines for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Flat, colorful icons with hints of depth are the order of the day.

  • Compatible launchers: Nova, Apex, ADW, Smart, Unicon, Action Launcher, Aviate, Go Launcher, Next, Holo launcher, Solo Launcher, KK Launcher, Atom Launcher, and Inspire Launcher! (As well as Flow Home Beta)
  • Size: 29 MB
  • Price: Free
Colorful, flat with a hint of shadows? Sounds like Moonshine Icons to me. / © Valiant Pixels

Moonshine – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

7. Simply 8-bit

Those of you like me, who grew up with a pixelated worldview, populated by Pacman, Super Mario, Sonic and Tamagotchis, will probably always have a special place in their heart for the 8-bit look. Simply 8-bit will transport your smartphone straight back to the 90s. Or was it 80s? Man, I’m old. The package consists of over 700 icons and brings a few wallpapers too (the wallpapers require the Apex Launcher).

  • Compatible Launchers: Apex, Nova, ADW, Holo
  • Size: 738 KB
  • Price: Free
androidpit 8 bit icon pack
/ © Jenning

Simply 8-Bit Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

8. Phlats

These icons are, as the name suggests, flat. And by that I mean flatter than the humor around the editorial office! The design is simple, modern, round and colorful (unlike the editorial office) and provides exceptional experimentation possibilities for the user. The package includes no less than 1,300 icons! If an app you want is still not there, its icon can automatically be adjusted to the chic and stylistically unified design language. Judging by the number of downloads in the Play Store, Phlats is not very well known, but it’s well worth checking out.

  • Compatible Launchers: Apex, Nova, ADW, Holo (Plus), Action, Go
  • Size: 23 MB
  • Price: US$1.30
androidpit phlats icon pack
/ © Samantha Conner

Phlats (Go Apex Nova theme)
Install on Google Play

9. Candid

The Candid icons are very tidy and contain a relatively large amount of white. In general, the package makes a bright impression that doesn’t reek of over-experimentation, providing a clean, refined result. The motivation here seesm to be to present icons somewhere between iOS and Android. The pack includes about 180 icons. Like Phlats, Candid is not a mass phenomenon by any strecth, but it deserves more attention too. More information and download.

  • Compatible Launchers: Apex, Nova
  • Size: 4 MB
  • Price: Free
androidpit candid icon pack

Candid – [Apex/Nova]
Install on Google Play

10. Vintage Icon Pack

If you love retro, you’ll like Vintage Icon Pack with its great-looking and vibrant HD icons, 1,200 in total to be exact. You can plop these onto your screen with one of the three wallpapers that this app has to offer (obviously icons is more their focus).  It’s supported by most launchers and includes icons masks for icons not found in their repertoire. Thanks to a theme dashboard, you can view all icons at once.

  • Compatible Launchers:  Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Launcher Action, ADW Launcher, Launcher Next 3D, GO Launcher EX, Aviate, KK Launcher, Smart Launcher, Holo Launcher, Launcher Atom, TSF Shell, Inspire Launcher, Solo launcher, Themer, Unicon ( Icon Themer), Desktop Visualizer
  • Size: 27 MB
  • Price: US$2.10
androidpit vintage icons
The vintage icons give your smartphone a flash to the past kind of look. © Stealthy Chief

Vintage – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

11. Belle UI Icon Pack

Belle UI Icon Pack is well, really pretty! It’s super clean looking and bright, offering over 950 icons for all your favorite apps, plus it’s compatible with most launchers and is completely free. Though there isn’t a wallpaper included, the style of each Vector graphics-created icon goes well with the look of all of these launchers.

  • Compatible Launchers : Apex, Nova, ADW , Holo (Plus) , Action , GO…
  • Size: 10 MB
  • Price: FREE
androidpit belle ui
Clean, cute and stylin’: that’s Belle UI for you. © daeva112

Belle UI Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

12. Blitz (Icon Pack)

3D and bolded icons are so 2000’s, flat is where it’s at. Blitz really captures what it means to be flat, elegant, clean and high-end: the app pack works from the stock Android look you are used to, so that you won’t have to completely sacrifice the original design. There are 150 HD icons and this works with Apex, Nova, ADW and Holo though they claim that other launchers might work as well.

  • Compatible Launchers : Apex, Nova, ADW, Holo and maybe others
  • Size: 8.2 MB
  • Price: Free
androidpit blitz icon pack
Stock Android icons enhanced. © Pinknoze

Blitz FREE – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

13. Min

The name says it all: Min is a minimalistic icon package that only takes its full effect if you remove the labels from the icons and choose them to displayed as monochrome. Purists might find that Min is their desired icon package as it brings a harmonized balance to the home screen without all the flash of colorful or oversized icons. For many apps, there are specially design icons while other are automatically enclosed in a small circle with a white border. For those, the inner part of the circle contains a part of the original icon and gives the appearance as if you’re looking through a keyhole. Min works particularly well with a simple or plain wallpaper and is available for free on the Google Play Store.

  • Compatible Launchers: Apex, Action, Nova, ADW, Smart
  • Number of available icons: > 570  
  • Size: 4.1 MB
best icon packs min
Min is a very, well, minimal icon pack. / © AndroidPIT

Min – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

14. Glaskart

Again, the minimalistic option reigns supreme here. The Glaskart icon theme is characterized by monochrome icons I different shades of grey. Each icon is backed by a semi transparent square with rounded corners; thus the icons are much more visible against the background.

  • Compatible Launchers: Nova, Apex, Go
  • Number of available icons:  > 750
  • Size:  9.1 MB
glasklart icons
Semi-transparent with a splash of conservative grey. / © AndroidPIT

Glasklart – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

15. Outer Space Icon Pack

The Outer Space Icon Pack transforms your smartphone into a cheerful conglomeration of cartoony style icons. The two main characters of this icon pack are a rabbit and a cat with an afro which are depicted alternatively throughout icons. The icons combine the quirky love of cats and a cartoony style to the traditional app structure. Some apps are very distinctive in their look, but you may have some trouble finding some lesser distinguishable apps right off the bat with this app pack.

  • Compatible Launchers: Apex, Nova, Go Launcher, ADW
  • Size: 2.0 MB
  • Price: Free
  • Rage Comic Icon Pack
icon pack outerspace
A cute little icon pack that combines cartoony cats and bunnies. / © addtheme

Icon pack – Outer Space(FREE)
Install on Google Play

16. Rage Comic Icon Pack

This might seem a little out of date for the majority of our readers, but rest assured there are still some people out there who absolutely adore the Rage Comic Icon Pack characters. Well, for those people, you can rest easy knowing that your apps can also bear the image of Troll Face, Derpina, FFFUUUUUUUU, and more. Unfortunately, much like the Rage Comic characters themselves, there isn’t  a ton of robustness to this icon pack and the quality isn’t quite that great. However, if you’re looking for a good laugh or trying to play a joke on a friend, definitely check this out.

  • Compatible Launchers: Apex, Nova, Themer, ADW, Aviate, Holo and Smart Launcher 2
  • Size: 1.3 MB
  • Price: US$0.99
ragecomic icon pack
A little tacky for some, hilarious for others, the Rage Comic Icon Pack. / © Unique Undead

Rage Comic Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

17. Comic HD Icon Pack

Want to transform your icons into a comic book? Well, with this icon pack you can get a full range of comic book’ish styled icons that range from comic style speech bubbles to classic images. In this 150 icon pack, there are some general icons that you can use as well as specific ones for specific apps. As well, the icon pack comes loaded with 15 distinct wallpapers to complete the look.

  • Compatible Launchers: ADW
  • Size : 11 MB
  • Price : US$1.50
comic book awd theme
Cool comics now available as icons. / © Weggar

Install on Google Play

18. Wood Icon Pack

Wood Icon Pack can make your smartphone have a very rustic look by changing the apps to make them looks like they’ve been carved out of wood. It gives you over 1000 HD icons that are updated every month with more. Wood Icon Pack can be installed for free from the Play Store.

  • Compatible Launchers: Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Launcher Action, ADW Launcher, Launcher Next 3D, GO Launcher EX, Smart Launcher, Holo Launcher, Launcher Atom, TSF Shell, Unicorn (Icon Themer), Desktop Visualizer
  • Size: 15 MB
  • Price: US$2.00
wood icon pack
© Stealthychief

Wood – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

19. Steampunk Icon Pack

Steampunk Icon Pack blends the retro charm of the Victorian era with futuristic technology. If you’re a fan of this aesthetic look, you can now customize the icons on your device in the same motif. The icons from this pack have a copper gear look to them and there are currently over 1000 different icons available, with more updates being rolled out as time goes on.

  • Compatible Launchers: Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Launcher Action, ADW Launcher, Launcher Next 3D, GO Launcher EX, Smart Launcher, Holo Launcher, Launcher Atom, TSF Shell, Unicorn (Icon Themer), Desktop Visualizer
  • Size: 12 MB
  • Price: US$2.0
steampunk icon pack
 © Stealthychief

Steampunk – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

20. Watercolor Icon Pack

Watercolor Icon Pack is specifically designed for the Atom Launcher and makes the icons appear as if they were painted with a brush and water color. The icons fit perfectly with bright wallpapers such as shot of the sky or bright flowers. There are also various wallpapers, widgets, and gesture support available as well.

  • Compatible Launchers: Atom Launcher
  • Size: 1.6 MB
  • Price: US$1.00
watercolor iconpack

Watercolor Iconpack
Install on Google Play

21. Rugo Icon Pack

Rugo Icon Pack gives your apps a grungey looks and makes the icons look as if they were made with crumpled and dirty paper. Despite this look, the readability of the icons is not affected and you can easily tell which app they’re for. The Rugo Icon Pack has over 2375 icons available and 63 wallpapers in a similar stylke. Muzei Live Wallpapers are also supported with this icon pack.

  • Compatible Launchers: Nova Launcher, Apex / Apex Launcher Pro, ADW / ADW Ex Launcher, Launcher Pro Action, Go Launcher, Launcher solo, Smart Launcher, Launcher solo, Aviate Launcher, Launcher Next (Only in Classic mode), TSF Shell Launcher , KK Launcher, Launcher Nine
  • Size: 44 MB
  • Price: US$2.10
rugo iconpack
 © GSeth

Rugo – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

22. Morena

The ‘flat’ trend for Android design is making its rounds, you may have noticed it with the new Galaxy S5 user interface, the flat Google logo, etc. Everyone wants to get away from the bubble-like, 3D font and icons and get back to basics. The Morena icon pack brings a minimalistic look to your display. Its icon catalogue is gigantic, and you’ll likely have hard time finding any faults in this app. Like many icon packs, this one is also paid.

  • Compatible launchers: Apex, Nova, ADW, Action, Atom, Holo HD, Smart, Aviate etc
  • Size: 15 MB
  • Price: US$1.61
androidpit icon packs 2
© Giannisgx89

Morena – Flat Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

23. Metal

Let’s get classy with Metal, an app that provides your Android with a metallic look for all of your app icons. The database is regularly updated, but of course for a price of 1.99 USD. 

  • Compatible launchers: Nova, Apex, Action, ADW, Next, Go Launcher EX etc…
  • Size: 16 MB
  • Price: US$1.99
androidpit icon packs 1
 © Slealthychief

Metal – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

24. Lumos

If you want to bring a vintage look to your device, Lumos does the job. It works with most of the most common launchers, and is a paid app (1.99 USD), however, it possesses a wide range of icons to satisfy your stylistic needs.

  • Compatible launchers: Nova, Apex, Action, Aviate, Themer, Smart, Atom etc
  • Size: 8.3 MB
  • Price: US$1.99
androidpit icon packs 3
 © Kovdev

Lumos – Icon Pack
Install on Google Play

Do you use an icon pack and if so, which one? Which would you say is the best icon pack for Android?

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