The Xbox One S Will Arrive This August

Microsoft announces that the Xbox One S will officially arrive on August 2 in the form of a launch day edition, with more versions to follow sometime after.

During E3 2016, Microsoft revealed what had to be one of the worst-kept secrets of the entire year: the Xbox One S. The recently-revealed console is a slimmer version of the existing hardware, and boasts a few extra features that the standard Xbox One simply doesn’t have. Today, Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One S will officially arrive on August 2nd, giving gamers ample time ahead of the holiday window to consider picking up the console.

Much like when the original Xbox One launched, Microsoft is releasing a launch day edition of the new hardware which is only available until supplies run out. The launch edition of the Xbox One S features an impressive 2TB hard drive, and retails for $399 USD ($499.99 CAD). Microsoft will also be releasing 1TB and 500GB versions of the console, which run at a more affordable $349 USD and $299 USD as previously predicted. Unfortunately, those smaller versions of the Xbox One S won’t be hitting the market at the same time as the launch edition of the console, so those waiting for the cheaper bundles will have to keep waiting.

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The Xbox One S is only 40% of the size of its larger cousin, and will be the only way for gamers to access 4K visuals until the eventual release of the powerhouse Xbox Scorpio unit. It also features an IR blaster, and will come packaged with a vertical stand so that gamers who want to stand up their Xbox One S can do so without worrying about the console falling back onto its side.

The upcoming Xbox will also come bundled with one of the new Xbox One controllers, which don’t require a USB dongle to communicate with Windows 10-based computers. The slick controllers also feature a textured grip, and will retail separately for $59.99 USD ($74.99 CAD). These controllers are poised to launch on August 2nd, alongside a planned Windows 10 Microsoft Anniversary Update -and the new Xbox One S itself, of course.

Interested gamers can pre-order the console from the official Microsoft Store, or a variety of online retailers like Amazon. It’s worth noting that the launch edition of the Xbox One S won’t be available in every region, so curious gamers should take a look at the official list of supported launch countries here. Those who reside in countries who didn’t make the launch edition’s list will be stuck waiting for the eventual release of the 1TB and 500GB editions to launch, though Microsoft promises details about this date will be shared soon.

What do you think about the Xbox One S, Ranters? Will you be picking one up?

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