There’s now a workaround to fix iOS 9.3’s broken web links

Several users around the world are facing issues with web links crashing on Safari, Mail, Messages, Chrome, and other apps after installing iOS 9.3. The issue occurs when tapping or long pressing web links in apps, causing them to freeze or crash.

If you’ve encountered the issue, then you can use the workaround suggested by Ben Collier. You’re going to need to connect to iTunes, so make sure you’re near a computer before attempting the fix.

Were you able to fix the issue with the workaround? Let us know in the comments.

How to fix iOS 9.3’s broken web links

If you’ve been hit by the iOS 9.3 broken links you can follow these steps to fix the issue whilst we wait for a full update from Apple. Unfortunately you’ll need to hook your iPhone or iPad up to your computer and sync with iTunes.

  • If you still have it installed, delete the app from your device
  • Turn on Airplane Mode
  • Plug your device into your computer and open iTunes
  • Turn your device off and on
  • Make sure you have the app in iTunes on your computer – download link
  • Keep Airplane Mode on!
  • In iTunes, sync the app to your device
    • Select your iOS device in iTunes
    • Change to the Apps tab
    • Search for and press install
    • Press Sync
  • Wait for the sync to finish, then open the app on your device
  • Force close the app by double tapping the home button and swiping up
  • Force close Safari by double tapping the home button and swiping Safari up
  • Delete the app
  • Turn off Airplane Mode
  • Open Safari – your links should work again! It’ll also fix any problems with links from other apps like Mail or Messages.

You may need to try this a few times for it to work, it seems like a specific timing needs to occur for the correct caches to clear.

Thanks to quickly fixing their side! You should be able to safely reinstall their app again after confirming these steps worked.
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