This is the definitive Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (but you can’t have it)


Having unveiled their much-rumoured Galaxy S8 at the Unpacked event last week, Samsung has announced an upgraded version exclusively for Asian markets.

Alongside the standard S8, we only saw one version of the S8 Plus in Samsung’s presentation, sporting 64GB of internal memory and 4GB of RAM. However, reports indicate that a 128GB version of the Plus is coming with 6GB of RAM, meaning more bang for your buck.

ETNews got the scoop on this juiced-up version of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. The report suggests this version is going to cost about $1,020, and is currently only slated for release in China and Samsung’s home of South Korea.

In a direct currency conversion, the price works out at £818, but with possibly Brexit-related inflation the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus already costs £779 over here. In other words, if this beefed-up version ever does make it to UK shores it’s most likely going to cost more than a few extra pounds.

For the moment, that’s a moot point given we can’t have it. Perhaps it’s best to not fantasise about the price of products that aren’t haven’t been announced, but this model will seemingly pack quite a punch.

Along with that extra memory, this version of the handset is said to be offered as a bundle with a DeX Samsung dock – the add-on which allows the phone to to function like a desktop computer when connected to a monitor.

The move signals a push from Samsung to take on the desktop hybrid space or create a new one. Besides the infinity display, DeX functionality is one of Samsung’s USPs with the Galaxy S8 and understandably something the company wants to promote.

Nevertheless, others have tried and failed in this respect already (remember the Motorola Atrix from 2011? Me neither!), and it appears to be a tough market to crack.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will launch in the UK on the 28 April, although some retailers are shipping their pre-orders early.

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