This SIM free LG G5 bundle deal is extremely hard to beat (and cheaper than the phone itself)


Update: To be honest, I expected this to be out of stock a long time ago, but as of Monday, you can still get a brilliant deal on the LG G5 in rose gold or titan grey. If you’re in the market for a cheap flagship, this is really hard to beat.

This SIM free LG G5 bundle

We gave the LG G5 a five star score to match its name when we reviewed it earlier in the year, but in something of a golden age of smartphones, it still only sits 15th on our handset buying guide.

Still, the handset did something completely new in a field where innovation is often lacking: the LG G5 is modular, meaning you can add in different elements to essentially upgrade your smartphone as you go along.

One of these modules is by sound enthusiasts Bang & Olufsen: a DAC converter. Now Jon thought £150 was crazy money for this module, on top of the £500 smartphone, but what if I told you you could get both and a set of B&O earphones for just £429.99? That would be a bargain.

Well, Argos has done just that, reducing the cost of their SIM free LG G5 B&O bundle from £529.99 to £429.99. You can buy it right now in either rose gold or titan grey. Weirdly, that’s exactly the same price they’re charging for the LG G5 on its own, so make sure you don’t add the wrong one to your basket.

It is, of course, still a lot of money in one go, so if you’re looking for the LG G5 on contract, I’ve also found a good deal for you. Right now, if you buy via Smart Phone Company, you can now get the LG G5 for £28 per month with 3GB data on Vodafone, or with 4GB of data for £29 with Three. Both deals come with no upfront cost, which makes them a bit of a bargain.

Whichever deal you take, you shouldn’t be disappointed. As Jon wrote in his review, despite some minor niggles, “the LG G5 is still a great smartphone, and if you’re upgrading from a two-year-old model from any manufacturer, you’ll love the speed boost and camera quality it brings with it, and especially that wide-angle snapper.

“It’s a five-star smartphone, then, but it isn’t quite the best.”

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