Tinder "Smart Photo" Feature Figures Out Your Hottest Snaps



Tinder improves your chances of matching by helping you figure out your best photos

Paul Briden

16:31, 14 Oct 2016

Tinder has announced a new algorithm for the popular dating app which will be introduced in a new update. The new feature is dubbed “Smart Photo”, essentially it’s a bit like split testing, in that it will show your matches different photos from the ones you upload.

Over time it will analyse which ones seem to get the most positive resposnes, and then automatically make your main photo the one that is most liked and gets the best results most consistently. Users who’ve partaken in early testing of the new feature report a 12% increase in the number of matches they received on Tinder, so it really does improve your chances of getting a date; assuming you’ve got the gift of the gab when it comes to chatting your matches up, that is!

Hopefully this will give Tinder users an idea of which photos make them most appealing. We can also see this being useful if you use multiple dating apps, so you can use the same photo Twitter recommends via Smart Photos on your Bumble, Happn, OkCupid, Plenty Of Fish, Coffee Meets Bagle, or profiles! 

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