Toshiba Portégé X20W review

Toshiba Portégé X20W review – JAPANESE MANUFACTURER Toshiba’s Portégé series is known as the company’s top of the range ultra-portable laptops. The X20W is the company’s latest 2-in-1 convertible contender, claiming to be the thinnest and lightest 12.5in business laptop available that’s powered by the latest 7th-gen Intel Core processor.

Claiming to offer a whopping 14.5 hours of juice on a single charge, we take a closer look to see if the X20W is really all that, or merely all mouth and no action.

Design and build
According to Toshiba, the Portégé X20W is the slimmest 2-in-1 device to be powered by Intel’s latest processors up to Core i7. Weighing just over a kilo at 1,024g, the 12.5in device feels astonishingly light in hand thanks to its magnesium alloy construction. That’s even compared to tablet-folio devices such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, which weights 1.1 kg with a slightly smaller screen of 12.3in. It’s quite possibly one of the most compact laptops we’ve come across recently. With dimensions of 299x219x15.4mm, it’s only a little bigger than an A4 piece of paper, making it perfect for those that like to travel light and work on the go.


In terms of design, the laptop doesn’t boast anything too out of the ordinary but it does have a 360-degree hinge, which like Lenovo’s infamous Yoga design, means it can be turned into a tablet, among other positions, within seconds. Overall, it has a neat and tidy appearance with a nice brushed aluminium finish, giving it a cool metal-like feel. While it feels sturdy in most cases, the lid is a little too flimsy for our liking and dents when pressure is applied to the back, which could be cause for concern for those that don’t believe in using protective cases for their notebooks.

Toshiba’s Portégé X20W boasts a Full HD display with 1920×1080 pixels. In our time using it, we felt it was adequately bright and vibrant with a decent colour reproduction. As expected, the display, which is held in place by two hinges to allow for the 360-degree twist – has a fairly large bezel to allow a place for users to position their hands without leaving their greasy mitts on the screen. Better still, the display uses a matte finish, which not only minimises glare when outdoors, but also helps to eliminate fingerprints as well.


Toshiba used Corning Gorilla Glass 4 technology in the X20W’s screen, too, for extra protection against drops and other accidents.

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