What To Expect From Apple’s BIG iPhone Launch Event


It’s going to be a big one for the iPhone, as Apple will introduce the iPhone 8 – or will it be called the iPhone Pro?

Without a doubt, Apple’s annual September event is the company’s most anticipated of the year. That’s when Apple introduces new iPhones and (usually) new iPads.

But it’s also when Apple announces release dates for its new operating systems for its various gadgets as well as dropping some occasional service updates and hardware or software surprises. Now that August is upon us, Apple’s September iPhone event is little more than five weeks away, though Apple probably won’t send out press invites for the event until after Labor Day in the US (September 4th this year), it’s likely the event will be held on either September 6th or September 7th.

With that in mind, here’s what to expect (and not) from the event.

iPhone 8

Without a doubt, we’ll see an iPhone 8. It may not be called “iPhone 8”, but there will be a new iPhone. 2017 is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, so many are expecting for the next iPhone to be a huge update.

And indeed, rumors are pointing to major changes: wireless charging, an edge-to-edge display, and even a new 5in screen size. Of course, rumors are all over the map for now–so only some of these features could come to pass, or perhaps some of the features will only be available in certain models.

One thing that is looking increasingly clear is a total lack of Touch ID–it’s possible that the iPhone 8 will have facial recognition biometrics instead.

iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus

Besides the iPhone 8 Apple will also be introducing modest upgrades to the iPhone 7 series. Of course, these upgrades will be called the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. They’ll retain all the physical characteristics of their predecessors, but they will include upgraded components. Expect both devices to sport the new A11 series chipset, as well as screens with improved color saturation and slightly better camera sensors.

Apple Watch Series 3

There will be a new Apple Watch, but it will not have any major design changes, so don’t look for a thinner Watch or a round one. Instead, the third-gen Watch is said to focus on much-improved battery life and minor speed enhancements. Oh, and of course you can bet there will be a host of new Apple Watch bands.

A New Apple TV

It’s looking increasingly likely we’ll see a new Apple TV debut in September. We don’t expect to see any new television streaming service, but the next Apple TV should add 4K support and HDR support. This naturally means that movies and television shows in the iTunes Store will also be upgraded to 4K and HDR. Another nice feature coming to the Apple TV is the Amazon Prime Video app, which Apple announced at WWDC in June.

Release Dates For The Next iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS

It’s no surprise that the next version of iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS is coming. Apple announced all four in June and has been publicly beta testing them since this summer. What we will see is any final feature additions to the range of software that is feature-dependent on new hardware (like the 3D camera in the iPhone 8). We’ll also get the release dates for the software. Expect the new Ones to go live about a week to ten days before the new hardware ships (so mid-September).

More Information On The Upcoming iMac Pro and Mac Pro

Apple teased the new iMac Pro at WWDC, but announced it wouldn’t ship until December. Apple also has confirmed that it is working on a brand new Mac Pro. It’s possible that we’ll get more information about both Macs at WWDC.

More Information On The Upcoming HomePod

Apple also showed off its Siri-powered speaker at WWDC. That too isn’t shipping until the holiday period. But like the Mac Pro’s above, expect Apple to reveal a little more information about the Home Pod in September.

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