Where to Get the Best Loot

While most gamers have a certain idea in their mind when they think of loot, Fortnite has a much broader definition. Gear, which most consider to be loot, is largely relegated to Loot Llamas and quest rewards, and is rarely seen in-game. Rare crafting materials, lootable items worth opening, and treasure chests, however, are scattered around each map, and can be very useful when found. To help players better acquire their loot, Redditor t9x69 has put together a handy visual guide with some important info that players, both new and old, can learn from.

An issue for many Fortnite players is figuring out what loot is important on top of how to get said loot. Every single player likely went through quickly filling up their backpack and then not being sure what to discard in order to make room. Barring all else, this visual guide does a good job of telling players what to look for even if they don’t yet understand why they’re looking out for it. Eventually, as players dig into the crafting system, they will understand why these resources are so important.

Fortnite Best Loot Visual Guide

Nuts and bolts, along with the various ore, are crafting materials that many players can struggle with at times. Nuts and bolts are a challenge because they’re used in so many recipes, ammo especially. Knowing what drops nuts and bolts will make mass-crafting much simpler, and farming the materials much faster. Ore is more of a frustration because it’s out of the way and requires the player hunt for underground areas. Again, if players know what they’re looking for, visual landmarks signifying tunnels or caves, it makes farming the items much more efficient.

Beyond specific crafting materials worth watching out for, players should otherwise look for environmental loot caches. There are many lootable items in the environment, from dumpsters to bookcases to toilets. The good stuff is more often in toolboxes, suitcases, and luggage, which can drop free traps, weapons, and crafting materials.

The most value, though, is found in the rare treasure chest, which can be well hidden on each map. The visual guide points to three high-value locations where chests spawn, and notes which chests can be risky pick-ups. There are of course many more hidden locations for chests to discover, but another great way to find them is to listen for their trademark sound cue. It’s hard to describe, but it sounds like a shimmering item.

Perhaps the best takeaway from this visual guide is that it helps to correct a strong misconception in the Fortnite community: Fortnite isn’t Borderlands. There is some excellent loot, but the better way to think about it is that the best loot is the loot you can craft. Efficiency in farming crafting materials and awareness regarding what’s valuable enough for players to focus on can help them go far in the game.

Fortnite is available now in Early Access on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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