Which part of the UK gets the best mobile broadband speeds?


London wins for coverage, but you have to cross the Irish Sea for top speeds

There’s no question that 4G coverage has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years, but we’re clearly not without our coverage black spots, and connection quality varies wildly across the British Isles.

This begs the question: if you were able to browse the internet in any part of the UK on your mobile phone, where would you be best off standing?

You might initially be drawn to London, thinking that the dense urban population would mean impressive network performance thanks to sheer customer pester-power. But while it’s true that the capital’s coverage is the best around (69.7% of the city gets 4G data speeds), its average speed of 18.8Mbits/sec makes it the slowest in Britain.

In fact, you’d be better off heading to Yorkshire, where for a slight hit in overall coverage (61.3%) you can get a connection that’s 21.3% faster. An average of 22.8Mbits/sec, it turns out.

But if you want the fastest connection Britain has to offer, you have to cross the Irish Sea. While Northern Ireland offers 58.5% coverage, it offers superfast average speeds of 23.3Mbits/sec. As a country it fares considerably better than Scotland (50.4% coverage, 21.1Mbits/sec average speed) and Wales (35.4% coverage 21.7Mbits/sec average speed).

You can see how the rest of the UK copes in the infographic above, courtesy of our friends at Statista.

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