Windows 10 Mobile Stagnates As Eligible Windows Phones Already Upgraded

Windows 10 Mobile was launched earlier this year for approximately 50 percent of the Windows Phone device lineup, and it turns out that the majority of phones eligible for the upgrade already performed the switch.

Statistics provided by AdDuplex show that Windows 10 Mobile’s share stagnated for the second month, which is nothing more than the living proof that devices that were eligible for the upgrade already completed it, so only little can change in the coming months.

Windows 10 Mobile is now running on 13.7 percent of the devices in the Windows phone ecosystem, while Windows Phone 8.1 has a share of no less than 78.2 percent. This is also the confirmation that Microsoft’s decision to kill apps for Windows Phone 8.1 (such as Skype) and focus exclusively on Windows 10 Mobile is leaving plenty of users behind, but Redmond doesn’t really seem to care about this too much these days.

Windows Phone 8.0 is not too far either with 6 percent share, while Windows Phone 7.x still shows up in the charts with 2.1 percent.

Anniversary Update leading the charts

When it comes to Windows 10 Mobile versions, the Anniversary Update (version 1607) is the leading choice with 84.9 percent, followed by Windows 10 Mobile 1511 with 9.5 percent. 5.6 percent of the users are running preview builds of Redstone 2.

“Developers targeting Windows 10 Mobile can probably start leaving 1511 users behind to take advantage of the new OS capabilities,” AdDuplex says in the report.

Lumia 535 is currently the top Windows Phone model worldwide with a share of 13.3 percent, followed by Lumia 520 with 10.5 percent, and Lumia 640 with 8.8 percent. These stats haven’t changed too much from the previous month and are unlikely to change in the coming months either.

Lumia 550 is the number one model in the Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem with 13.5 percent, followed by Lumia 535 and Lumia 640 with 12.9 and 11.8 percent, respectively. New devices such as Lumia 950 are far behind with 6.6 percent. The newly-launched HP Elite X3 is on position number 36.

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