Windows 10 Update History Page goes Live for public


Windows 10 Update History Page goes Live for public

Microsoft has finally listened to the endless complaints about its handling of this situation, with a page now dedicated to Windows 10 updates.

Microsoft says of its latest effort:

We’re committed to our customers and strive to incorporate their feedback, both in how we deliver Windows as a service and the info we provide about Windows 10.

In response to this feedback, we’re providing more details about the Windows 10 updates we deliver through Windows Update. You’ll see a summary of important product developments included in each update, with links to more details.

This page will be regularly refreshed, as new updates are released.

History from Microsoft

For now, it includes only the original and the very latest Windows 10 updates, but from now will be the archive of record for future updates.

In fact the latest update isn’t even out yet. Perhaps Microsoft will be teasing new updates from the page.

windows 10 history

That means anyone will be able to find out what their recent updates have done to their system. With updates installing overnight, without user input and in other ways, it was critical that Microsoft address the issue. History may be a little kinder to them now.

Hopefully others will follow suit with proper information for updates on smart devices, consoles and phones. Generic phrases do not help users, and it often looks like vendors have something to hide behind their vague terms.

What’s your worst example of a bogus sounding update?

Sony are notorious for releasing “stability updates” that actually remove features from their console OS.

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