Xbox One X leak suggests limited ‘Project Scorpio Edition’

Xbox One X leak suggests limited ‘Project Scorpio Edition’ – Information about where and when you’ll be able to preorder Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X console is expected to arrive this weekend at Gamescom, but it seems that some details are leaking out early in the form of listings for a surprise version of the console: the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition. The listings — which were live on the sites of at least two German retailers, one of which has since been removed — were first spotted by

While we’ll have to wait for Microsoft to officially announce the special edition, it seems that the Project Scorpio-branded version will pay homage to the Xbox One X’s original code name by branding the Scorpio logo on the front of the controller and console. The hardware in the Project Scorpio Edition also seems to be getting a custom paint job: the controller with a bombed-out, all-black color scheme, and the console with a subtle stippled texture that the standard version seems to lack.

While I unfortunately don’t speak German, the sales page at MediaMarkt seems to describe the Project Scorpio Edition as a limited time offering “for the biggest fans.” If correct, it would seem to echo the original Xbox One launch, which offered a similarly limited “Day One” edition of the console that also featured a unique controller.

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