Fallout 76 Beta News Coming This Week – Game Rant

Bethesda turned a lot of heads earlier this year when it revealed Fallout 76 would be an online experience, abandoning many aspects that fans have come to expect from the traditionally single-player franchise. While the company has gone to great lengths to address potential concerns such as griefers and microtransactions, a beta test was promised […]

Photo Blend Collages Photo Editor

Want to blend different photos together seamlessly?  Download and try this new photo editor app for Tizen phone. Download “Photo Blend Collages”. The photo editor let you blend two different photos together, blend the photo that you captured with the combination of beautiful backgrounds available in the app. At least 25+ backgrounds are available for […]

Visual Search, czyli zakupy przez Snapchata na Amazonie

Snapchat współpracuje z Amazonem wprowadzając nową funkcję zakupową „Visual Search” – rozpoznawanie przedmiotów, które można kupić na Amazonie. Visual Search w aplikacji Snapchat (zakupy w Amazon) Po ogłoszeniu nowych funkcji zakupowych przez Instagrama w zeszłym tygodniu, Snapchat dołącza do gry dzięki współpracy z Amazonem. Jak czytamy we wpisie na blogu, firma nawiązała współpracę z Amazonem […]

Sony Xperia XZ3 review

SONY’S PHONES should be the bee’s knees. The company has a fine heritage in all the individual components which make up a great smartphone, from Bravia panels to cameras and PlayStation games – and yet the phones tend to draw no more than a collective ‘meh’ from critics and shoppers alike. A similar reaction greeted […]