5 Essential Apple MacBook Accessories (You Probably Need)

20/06/2018 – 9:27am

Got a new laptop? Make sure you get all this gear to go with it…

Apple’s products have a reputation for being a cut above those of its rivals, and it stands to reason that any self-respecting MacBook owner – having already paid a considerable fee for their laptop – will want to make sure it’s tricked out with the best accessories and items.

That’s where we come in; below are five truly essential accessories we can’t live without – and you’ll no doubt feel the same.

Olixar ToughGuard MacBook Case

Just like you clad your expensive smartphone in a protective case, we recommend that any MacBook owner should take the same cautious approach with their computer. These super-tough clip-on cases ensure that your pride and joy remains in pristine condition, even when you’re out and about. Olixar’s range covers all of the major MacBook models, and isn’t likely to break the bank, either.

One Ten Mountie

Now this is a clever piece of kit that you’ll never realised you needed until you use it. Even when we’re sat at our computers we’re still checking our phones, so why not streamline that process by using the One Ten Mountie, which allows you to clip your phone (or tablet) to the side of your MacBook’s screen so you can always see what’s going on?

Olixar ErgoRiser

If you use your laptop for long periods of time then you’ll realise that having it laid flat on the table isn’t all that comfortable – that’s where the ErgoRiser comes in handy. This sturdy aluminum stand angles your computer so it’s easier and more comfortable to type for prolonged periods, and its slim, fold-down design means you can take it with you anywhere.

Satechi USB-C Hub

As more and more accessories fight for the few USB ports we have on our MacBooks, a hub like this one by Satechi is a wise investment. Not only does it mean you can link up more gear to your computer, it matches the design of the Apple’s hardware wonderfully.

Moshi iVisor Screen Protector

Staring at a screen for hours on end can play havoc with your eyes, and screen glare when using the computer outside is also a real problem. There’s also the issue that the screen itself is quite delicate and prone to scratches and marks. What if there was a product which could address all of these issues? Try to act shocked when we tell you that such a legendary item exists, and – even better – that it can be removed and re-applied several times over without losing its adhesive qualities. 

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