5 Ways Apple Can Improve The iPhone X in 2018

iPhone X – It’s a great phone, but it could be better.

The iPhone X is a terrific phone. As I’ve said before, it’s the best Apple has ever made. Some of the highlights are the massive, gorgeous OLED display, the incredibly long better life, and the dual lens camera system. Of course, the impeccable industrial design and the new Face ID biometric authentication system don’t hurt either. But that’s not to say the iPhone X couldn’t be even better. With that in mind, here are 5 humble suggestion how Apple could improve the next model.

More Colors

This is the most superficial of the improvements. But it would be great if Apple had more than just the silver (white) and space grey (black) color options for the iPhone X. With the iPhone X for the first time ever Apple has shown that the black model is not the best looking. Put the black and white models side by side and you’ll see the white looks like a much more premium device thanks to its silver stainless steel bezel. That bezel is colored black on the space grey model–making it look a bit cheaper. Since the bezels of both phones are black, the back of the phones–the white one anyway–really stand out. It would be great to see other colors enter the limelight, such as Apple’s Rose Gold and Gold color schemes.

Hide The Home Indicator

Apple famously got rid of the iPhone’s Home button on the iPhone X – and it’s one of the best decisions the company has ever made. The absence of the home button allows the device to have super thin bezels. But instead of merely replacing the home button with a virtual button (as Android devices do), Apple revamped the iOS interface to use gestures to return to the home screen and otherwise replicate the features of the physical home button. To alert users that these new gestures are available and where to swipe, Apple created the home indicator–the bar that sits at the bottom of the screen on the iPhone X. It’s a terrific reminder of where to swipe, but once you get the hang of it you actually don’t need the visual reminder. Hopefully, Apple will give users the ability to hide the home indicator in the future.

Apple Pencil Support

The iPhone X’s screen is amazing. Matter of fact, it’s the best screen Apple’s ever put on a device. That’s why it’s a shame Apple did not decide to add Apple Pencil support to the iPhone X. It’s a screen that’s big enough to support such a device, after all. However, it’s likely that Apple is waiting until next year to add Pencil support as that’s when the company is rumored to unveil the larger version of the iPhone X (see below). We just hope the smaller model gets Pencil support too.

A “Plus” Size

There are already rumors that Apple will offer two iPhone X’s next year: the current 5.8in screen size model and then another “Plus” size that’s between 6.1in and 6.5in. We hope this is true as a screen that big on a device that has the thin bezels of the iPhone X would mean the device’s total size would be around the same size of the 5.5 iPhone 8 Plus now–quite a feat.

Faster Wireless Charging

Apple finally decided to support the Qi wireless charging standard this year with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. However, the charging is limited compared to other smartphones. When the iPhone X came out it only supported 5w wireless charging. That got bumped up to 7.5w with iOS 11.1. However, it would be great to see it bumped even further to 10w or even 15w. Whether that would require just another software update or new hardware is unsure.

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