9 SOLID Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cases For 2018

You’ve got the phone, now check out the protection

The Galaxy S9 is finally here, bringing with it the kind of anxiety that usually accompanies the purchase of a shiny and expensive new smartphone. While the S9 and S9+ are solidly-built and possess both water and dust resistance, you’ll want to keep them “box fresh” for as long as humanly possible, and that means investing in a decent case.

We’ve collected some of the best S9+ examples currently available on the market so you can make a zero-effort purchasing choice and get that lovely new blower clad in some seriously fetching clothing.

Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Protective Stand Cover Case – £32.99



As you might imagine, Samsung’s official line of case options rank pretty high in our list. First up is this sturdy-yet-fetching offering which is comprised of a hard plastic back and a soft silicone inner section. Not only does this provide complete protection for all corners of the phone, it also offers a neat little kickstand on the back which means you can rest your phone on a table for hands-free viewing. The only downsides are that it’s quite a chunky case, and it’s a little harder to locate the fingerprint scanner as a result. These are hardly deal-breaking issues though, and we certainly felt confident our S9+ was safe and sound with this fitted.

Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus LED Flip Wallet Cover – £54.99



Samsung has been producing these LED flip covers for its Galaxy S line for what seems like forever, so they’re clearly very popular with buyers, despite the high cost. As you might expect from the name, this case features a cover which (wait for it) flips over to protect the screen when it’s not in use. The real genius is that when the cover is closed you still get notifications thanks to the clever LED panel which sits under the fabric, negating the need to constantly open the case to check things like unread messages and the current time. The fabric used in its construction is hard-wearing but feels great in the hand, and there are some handy icons on the left-hand side so you can tell where the volume and Bixby buttons are when the case is closed. The price is likely to be a real sticking point for some buyers, but this is a totally unique case that does a lot more than just protect your handset.

Olixar FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Gel Case – £4.99



By far the cheapest option in this list, Olixar’s gel case doesn’t try anything fancy – it’s just a thin and flexible protective case which provides a minimum degree of protection without bulking up the phone. The transparent material looks relatively attractive and allows the phone’s shapely design to shine through, but we can’t say we’d trust this one in a drop test. That said, at just a fiver, it’s something of a steal.

Olixar ArmaRing Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Finger Loop Tough Case – £14.99



This is a little more substantial than Olixar’s other case, and has a two-part construction where a plastic shell sits over an inner, rubber-like lining. The design is excellent – the rubber lining extends to each corner, providing superb drop protection – but it’s the fold-out ring on the back which makes this unique. It can be deployed in order to stand your phone on a flat surface, but a more useful function is offering something to grip onto when you’re actually using the device. By hooking a finger through the ring you can ensure your handset remains secure in your palm when you’re walking around.

OtterBox Clearly Protected Skin – £20.99



OtterBox is famous for its ridiculously robust cases, so it’s quite a surprise to see them produce something that is so svelte. However, don’t allow the Protected Skin’s lightweight design fool you – this is one seriously sturdy case which offers excellent corner protection in case of accidental drops. While it’s made from a flexible material it’s a lot stiffer than the Olixar gel case, and therefore more resistant to bumps and marks. At over £20 it’s also a lot more expensive though, so keep this in mind.

X-Doria Defense Lux Hard Case



Certified to survive a 10 foot drop on to solid concrete, this case isn’t messing around. It uses a combination of military-grade machined metal, hard rubber and a textured plastic back to create a case that – despite its chubby nature – looks stunning when fitted to your phone. If you’re keen to get the best protective case possible but hate the idea of your S9+ looking like a dumpy pudding in the process, then this is the case for you – we actually think the phone looks even better when clad in this gorgeous design.

X-Doria Defense Shield Hard Case



This is a very similar to the Lux case, but instead of a textured back it has transparent plastic which means you can show off your S9+ while keeping it secure. The same basic design exists, however; a metal chassis provides strength and rigidity while the rubber inner skin keeps your pride and joy cushioned from accidental drops. You can purchase this one in a few different colours but we were very taken with the black and red combo we’ve reviewed here.

Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Alcantara Cover Case – £41.99



This soft-touch case is fashioned from Alcantara, a microfibre material more commonly found lining the inside of cars. It’s extremely durable and stain resistant, despite feeling like suede. This makes the Alcantara cover case one of the most luxurious offerings available for the Galaxy S9+; not only does it offer good protection without the bulk, it feels great in the hand, too. The only problem is that it picks up dust and other bits of fabric with alarming ease, so expect to clean it regularly if you intend on putting it in the lint-packed pockets of your jeans or trousers.

Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Hyperknit Cover Case – £25.99



Google made some cool fabric-based cases for its Google Pixel line, and Samsung has copied this approach with the likeable Hyperknit case. It employs a heard-wearing fabric which gives excellent grip and good protection from modest drops. Like the Alcantara case, it’s slim and lightweight, making it ideal for those who don’t like cases which balloon the overall dimensions of their phone. At just over £25, this is also quite a decent option price-wise, too.
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