Android P New Features Detailed

04/07/2018 – 2:51pm

Android P will have a TON of new features onboard

Android P, aka Android 9.0, is going to arrive in the not-too-distant future. It hasn’t got a name just yet, although we’ve seen what we think is some pretty solid evidence it’ll be called Popsicle.

From March 7, Google made the Developer Preview available and since then a bunch of clever-bods have got down and dirty with the code, investigating what kind of stuff the new version of the platform is capable of. What follows is a big old list of all the new features, tweaks, and changes spotted so far inside Android P.

Brand New Stuff

  • Built-in smart replies with support for inline photos, images, stickers etc.
  • Built-in Screenshot editing, allowing cropping, editing and drawing on captured screenshots
  • Volume buttons control media volume by default (instead of phone ring)
  • Support for 5 simultaneous Bluetooth audio devices connected at once (note: does not support simultaneous playback)
  • Zoom lens for finer control of text selection
  • Temporary rotation lock creates a new icon for rotation lock mode for quicker toggling
  • Alarm quick settings toggle gives a view of and more control of upcoming alarms
  • App notification tracking allows you to track, filter, and control notifications
  • Hide frequently dismissed notifications
  • Wired charging sounds
  • Chrome style feature flags
  • Pulling notification tray down gives haptic vibration feedback
  • New Gesture Navigation
  • New App Switcher with horizontally scrolling gallery and gesture support
  • App Actions
  • New Accessibility Menu
  • Local Weather on the lockscreen, shown under the clock
  • Calendar events on the lockscreen
  • Automatic Dynamic Colour Adjustment based on on-screen content
  • Camera laser sensor toggle

Visual Design & UI Changes

  • Display cutouts are supported, aka “the notch”.
  • Time/Clock is on the left side of the status bar
  • Date also relocated further down interface.
  • New shaded background
  • New colours and layout changes in Settings
  • Ambient Display shows battery percentage without turning on your phone
  • Quick settings scrolls vertically
  • Volume slider repositioned to the side of the screen (to be nearer the physical volume rocker)
  • New selection animations
  • Power menu screenshot button
  • Unlock pattern fades as you swipe
  • New transition and heads-up notifications animations
  • Text selection changes
  • Force stop control
  • Real time display of Adaptive Brightness slider
  • New Emoji (150 of them!)
  • New Notification reply UI icons
  • Darker app drawer and Google Feed

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