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Apex Legends is set to launch Season 1 on March 19, introducing the battle royale’s first premium Battle Pass. The Battle Pass will cost players no more than $10 in Apex Legends‘ in-game currency, Apex Coins, and will offer players a 100-level experience track of rewards including weapon skins, stat trackers, voice intros, and more. Perhaps the Battle Pass’ most valuable reward, however, is its allotment of Apex Coins.

Apex Coin is Apex Legends‘ premium currency, costing roughly $10 per 1000 Apex Coins. That price can be discounted by purchasing Coin in bulk or by being an EA or Origin Access subscriber. The Season 1 Battle Pass for Apex Legends will cost players 950 Apex Coins, though a bundle that unlocks the Battle Pass’ first 25 levels will be available for 2,800 Coins.

Deciding whether to pay $10 for the Apex Legends Battle Pass may not be an easy choice, especially for players who don’t know whether they can invest the time necessary to earn all of the rewards. To help make that choice easier, Respawn has filled the Battle Pass with Apex Coin rewards. At 14 different levels spread throughout the Battle Pass, from level 7 to 97, Apex Legends players will earn Apex Coins.

Just how many Apex Coins players can earn via the Battle Pass isn’t made clear by the preview published on EA’s Apex Legends website, however. Luckily, a Respawn developer saved the day on Reddit, confirming that 1,000 total Apex Coins can be earned in the Battle Pass. That’s more than the cost of the Battle Pass in the first place, with 8 of the 14 rewards coming before level 50.

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Whether or not the Apex Coins ultimately help make Apex Legends players’ choice easier with regards to buying the Battle Pass, it’s still simple to appreciate Respawn Entertainment’s decision. Including 1,000 Coins in the Battle Pass rewards dedicated players, allowing them to purchase a future Battle Pass without paying extra cash if they so choose. And, if Respawn continues to choose to support putting Apex Coin into Battle Passes, continued “free” Battle Pass purchases Season to Season. It’s a meaningful decision made in support of the community that’s made Apex Legends the runaway success that it is.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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