Best Portable Chargers and Power Banks 2019 for Phones and Tablets

Anker PowerCore+ mini

Anker PowerCore+ mini

Available in metallic hues, this charger looks nice, but you can do better. Opt for the less expensive Aibocn or Poweradd chargers we listed earlier, which hold more of a charge, as the PowerCore+ mini fills only two-thirds of a Galaxy S8. Also, it filled only 9 percent of our iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy S8 in 15 minutes, a low among the chargers we tested, and its rates for 30 and 60 minutes were also poor compared to what others achieved.

Full Charges: 66 percent of a Galaxy S8

Refuelled a Galaxy S8 in 97 minutes

Refuelled an iPhone 8 Plus in 110 minutes

Galaxy S8: 9 percent in 15 minutes, 20 percent in 30 minutes, 41 percent in 60 minutes

iPhone 8 Plus: 9 percent in 15 minutes, 21 percent in 30 minutes, 40 percent in 60 minutes

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