Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Accessories For 2018: Chargers, Docks & More…

Damien McFerran

24/04/2018 – 10:52am

Damien takes a look at some of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 accessories you can buy right now

We’ve already reviewed both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, and have taken a good look at some of the best cases you can buy for the larger model of Samsung’s latest smartphone wonder.

Now, we’re going to investigate the very best accessories available for the Galaxy S9 range.

Wireless Charger Stand

Best Price: £59 – Check Latest Deals

Wireless charging isn’t a new thing; most flagship phones have it these days.

However, a lot of users ignore it because the required charging pads are too expensive and it’s often a lot slower than wired charging – especially if your phone has fast charge capability.

Samsung’s latest charging stand solves these issues; at just under £50 it’s not extortionately expensive, and it features fast charging – it’s not quite as quick as when using a wired charger, but it’s still nippy.

The really cool thing is that you can leave your phone on the stand all day while it charges, but take note – you don’t get a charger the box, so you’ll have to use your existing S9 charger to power this.

Gear VR Headset

Best Price: £119 – Check Latest Deals

Mobile VR is still big business, and Samsung’s latest headset is one of the best you can buy; not only is it a lot cheaper than HTC’s Vive and the Oculus Rift (because you use your expensive smartphone with it, you see) but it also comes with a controller which allows you to interact with all manner of virtual worlds.

Since Gear VR launched alongside the S7 we’ve seen a massive improvement in the quality of the software available; if you’re in two minds about VR then this could be the ideal way to give it a try.

4K Multiport Adapter

Your phone is the center of your entertainment world – but sometimes it’s tricky connecting it to other displays or devices to access your precious media content.

This fancy multiport adapter solves the problem; it connects to your phone’s USB-C port and allows you to hook it up to a 4K telly via HDMI – there’s even a USB port so you can link up other devices, like mice and keyboards.

To top it all off, you can even fast charge your phone while it’s being used, thanks to the “pass-through” charging function.

If you’re not fussed about 4K, then a cheaper option is available.

DeX Pad Dock

Best Price: £129 – Check Latest Prices

Remember all those years ago when manufacturers like Motorola tried to sell the concept of a smartphone that could replace your PC?

We laughed back then, but Samsung’s DeX concept has made this unlikely pipe dream a reality; you can now turn your Galaxy S9 into a fully-functional desktop PC.

This DeX pad even allows you to use your phone’s screen as a touchpad, like you’d find on a laptop.

You’ll need to supply a monitor and keyboard of course, but who said the future was cheap?

Samsung 256GB MicroSD card

Best Price: £172 – Check Latest Deals

One of the great things about many Android phones – and Galaxy S devices in general – is that you can add more storage space using MicroSD cards, something that’s not possible on Apple’s line of handsets.

If the standard storage isn’t enough for your needs, then getting a MicroSD card might be a good idea; the prices of large capacity cards is coming down all the time, and this 256GB option is surely large enough for even the most demanding downloader.

Olixar full glass screen protector

Best Price: £19.99

Screen protectors are becoming more and more popular these days as phones get larger and larger displays.

However, many of these protective covers are little more than flimsy pieces of plastic which make your device look awful.

Thank goodness then for Olixar’s excellent full glass option, which not only prevents that precious screen from getting scratched, it also covers the curved edges and features a design which allows it to blend effortlessly with the front of the phone.

Adaptive Fast Charging in-car charger

Best Price: £19 – Check Latest Deals

If you’re on the road a lot then you may be annoyed that when you’re charging your Galaxy S9 in the car, you’re denied that all-important fast charging functionality.

Samsung has come to your rescue with an in-car charger which features adaptive fast charging, which means you’ll have a full battery even on the shortest of business trips.

Thanks to Mobile Fun for supplying the Galaxy S9 and accessories used in this feature.

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