Black Friday 2017 – How To Use It To Your Advantage

If you’re in the market for a 4K, hold your horses! Wait a week or so for Black Friday – they’ll be LOADS cheaper then!

It must be weird working in retail ahead of a big sales event like Black Friday. I mean, you’re job is to SELL. But how can you really sell when you know full well that most of the stuff you’re selling, in just a few short days, will be retailing for around 30-40% less?

Black Friday kicks off on November 24, so if you’re looking at buying anything big between now and then DON’T – wait until the 24th, as what you’re looking will almost certainly be cheaper.

A lot cheaper.

Amazon and eBay and most online retailers are now actively pushing Black Friday deals. Like Christmas, the event has now become bigger than its original concept, spanning weeks instead of a single, 24-hour period. But that’s retail, for you.

Black Friday 2017 – How To Use It To Your Advantage

I don’t believe in just splurging money because something’s on sale; that’s stupid and it is also exactly what THEY want you to do. Don’t be a fool – shop like a pro.

I like to use events like Black Friday for larger potential purchases – things like a 4K TV, a new dishwasher, a Dyson, some early Christmas shopping. This way, you get something decent for a lot less.

I put aside some money at a prior date, money I’ve saved, and this is my BF Fund. It can be large or small, depending on what I’m after – usually, it’s around £500. This size amount usually covers most things electrical.

Black Friday 2017 – Bigger RRPs Mean Bigger Savings

If you’re due an update on your TV, then Black Friday is when you want to pull the trigger on a 4K unit. Why? Simple: these are high-priced goods and when you add 30-40% discounts to their RRP, it really adds up.

Back in 2016, I bought a Sony 4K TV for £400 – down from almost £900. If I’d bought it two weeks earlier, I would have lost around £450-£500; so, yeah, Black Friday can be really useful if you’re prepared.

This approach also works with PCs and laptops; you can save a bunch by waiting for the sales to kick off, as the higher the RRP is, the higher the overall savings are.

Moral of the story? Have a plan of what you want to acquire, go in and get it – DO NOT browse around after the fact and waste money. If you want a 4K TV, get one, but don’t squander additional money on crap you don’t need. Also: have a budget; don’t just frazzle your credit card.

The entire point of Black Friday is to extract money out of you. Amazon does not care about you saving money. It wants your money, and it wants as much of it as possible, so it lowers the RRP on things in order to do this. Be smart and use this to your advantage, get what you want for the price you want, and call it a day.


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