BlackBerry GHOST Leaks! And It Looks Pretty Awesome

Richard Goodwin

28/02/2018 – 11:10am

This is the BlackBerry GHOST… a new handset from BlackBerry that looks very impressive, though it will likely be an India exclusive

BlackBerry still makes phones. Good phones, actually. We loved the KEYone and the BlackBerry Motion. Both were solid handsets with plenty of things to like about them. And now we have another BlackBerry on the horizon, and this one is called the BlackBerry GHOST.

Leaked by @evleaks, and designed and built by Indian telecom company Optiemus, the BlackBerry GHOST looks every bit like a premium, high-end Android phone. It appears to have an edge-to-edge display, lovely svelte styling, and a very smart overall appearance.

The downside? The BlackBerry GHOST will almost certainly be exclusive to India. Why? Simple: it was made by Optiemus, no doubt for use on its network and this means we likely won’t see the handset launched in the West.

Nothing else is known about the phone – nothing was said about specs or features, other than it would run Android. But given that its aimed at India, we’d expect its price to be relatively low. And if this is the case, you can expect the specs and hardware to reflect this.

It does look nice though, from what we can discern from the leaked images.

More as we get it!

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